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How to Increase Settlers in Frozenheim

It's time to raise your flag!!
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In Frozenheim, there is a lot to pay attention to. If you want to establish a thriving Norse colony while also exploring the lush surroundings, you’ll need to build up your settlers. Because if you don’t, as soon as you leave your settlement, you’ll be vulnerable to an enemy attack! I would know, as someone who had their settlement wiped from the map multiple times because I was too busy exploring the world.

How to Get More Settlers

Shortly after beginning Frozenheim’s story, you’ll be tasked with making structures, including houses and food production facilities. It’s important that you have enough of each to prevent your settlers from going hungry. If you find it difficult to keep these buildings staffed because your village is underpopulated there is an easy solution. All you need to do is make more houses, ideally in proximity to each other.

How to Build Houses

At the bottom of Frozenheim’s UI, there are four categories of buildings: Social, Food Production, Production, and Military. Houses can be found within the Social Buildings category. It only costs 10 units of wood to build a house. If you’re running low on wood, you can build a Woodcutter’s Hut and assign a couple of workers to it. Upon the house’s construction, you’ll find that two settlers have moved in. If you build houses in proximity to each other, their happiness level will be at 1 by default. If not, it’ll be at 0.

How to Turn Settlers into Warriors

OK, so … you’ve got a fair amount of settlers now. But, your homestead keeps getting attacked, huh? It’s time to train your excess settlers in one of three disciplines: Archer, Scout, or Axeman. Go into the Military Buildings category and build a Training Field. Upon its completion, as long as you have the spare settlers and materials for each discipline, you’ll have a growing militia before you know it.

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