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How to Identify and Exorcise All Entities in Demonologist

The Hunt begins
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The latest in the Ghost Hunting hemisphere has arrived by the same Developers of Haunt Chaser, Clock Wizard Games. Experts within the Co-op Horror Game field, Clock Wizards has released an Early Access Ghost Hunting Game titled Demonologist. Acting in similar ways to the popular Phasmophobia, play as a solo or with a maximum of 3 other players and join the fight in banishing the evil spirits of the world. But without knowing what lurks inside the darkness, your job is divided into two objectives: identify the entity and exorcise them from this world back into wherever they originated from. How they got here to begin with does not matter, all that is important is that you exorcise the evil within Demonologist. This is our guide on how to do so.

How to Identify Entities in Demonologist

Identifying entities is the first step you must achieve as you enter the match. You will have Tools that you can take with you in to gain an advantage over the entity or to find specific clues as to what type of entity is haunting the location. The game focussed on listening in to your mic, this can either alert and anger the spirit or open secret areas inside the map. Be careful when you do this however as the more time you spend inside the haunted walls, the higher chances in which your sanity will deplete.

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In order to identify the entity first however, players may use their Tools. This is the most basic form of Ghost Hunting in a Horror Game and one that those who have played Phasmophobia will be used to. However, a key difference is in Demonologist and can be viewed under the Metaphysical Intelligence Pre-Report. Here, you are given a Keyman Riddle which offers some information as to what type of spirit you are dealing with. This can be seen at your starting spawn point in the game, before you head into the Hunt.

Communicating with the entity is crucial in figuring out the type of entity you are dealing with. You will communicate via the Spirit Box (looks like a antique Walkie-Talkie). When the entity is communicating with you, the little demon figure at the top-right corner of the Spirit Box will light up red.

Identifying Through the Collection of Evidence

Use the corresponding Tools to collect evidence of the entity’s typing. The evidence that you can collect inside a match are:

  • EMF Level 5
  • Fingerprints
  • Easel Canvas Drawing
  • Freezing Temperature
  • ESG Ghost Reaction
  • Ectoplasm Stains
  • Spirit Box Response

Once you gain evidence via a response through one of the items listed above, you then need to open the Evidence Chart to tick off what you have recorded. Once ticked, the game will grey out the entity type that it cannot be from the evidence collected. Those left highlighted are possibly options to the entity you are encountering. However one piece of evidence is not enough. Therefore, you will need to use other Tools to conduct more research and gain a response from the entity. Every time you find a piece of evidence you will need to head into the Evidence Chart and tick the corresponding box to what you had just witnessed from the entity itself.

As you test out Tools to conduct your experiments, you can also cross out evidence so you are not wasting time conducting the same experiment twice. For example, if you checked every room for Freezing Temperature and saw no distinct drops in temperature, you should cross this item off in the Evidence Chart.

How to Exorcise Entities After Identification

Once you have identified the entity, you have two options: leave the premises or complete the new objectives set by the Report to exorcise the spirit. But you must gain the ability to exorcise and that is through completing a set of objectives. These are:

  • Have the Ghost blow out the Candle.
  • Take a solid Photo of the Ghost.
  • Find sitting human silhouette using the Ectoplasma Glass.

Firstly, you must purchase a Candle and a Photo Camera from the Shop. These then must be added into the Tool List for your Loadout so that you can use them within the game. You likely will not be able to exorcise the entity within your first playthrough due to the cost of these items. But upon getting a minimum of two entity identities correct, you will gain enough money to purchase these Tools. By successfully hitting these 3 objectives above, you will be able to exorcise the entity. This is no simple task either however, as players will need to hit the final objective, related to executing a ritual in order to successfully exorcise the entity.

We hope this introductory guide to identifying and exorcising entities in Demonologist was helpful. We have more Horror Game content readily available to read at your pleasure at Gamer Journalist.

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