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How to Hold Down and Left to Rotate in MultiVersus

Control your flight path.
Image via Player First Games/Warner Bros. Interactive

Compared to other platform fighters like Super Smash Bros., MultiVersus puts a greater emphasis on the “air game,” as it’s commonly known. Additional aerial maneuvers encourage you to not only fight off the ground but in the dangerous territory near the edges of the screen. One of those maneuvers is Knockback Influence, which lets you rotate your trajectory when you’re sent flying. Here’s how to hold down and left to rotate in MultiVersus.

How to Hold Down and Left to Rotate in MultiVersus

The way Knockback Influence works (or at least the way it’s supposed to work) is that you can move your control stick to subtly tweak the direction you fly in when you’re launched by an opponent. This changes slightly depending on the direction you’re initially launched; for example, if you’re launched sideways, you can influence your trajectory up or down, whereas if you’re launched straight up, you can influence your trajectory left or right.

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Using Knockback Influence is simple, as all you need to do is tilt the control stick in the direction you want to adjust for immediately after a launch. Even if you’re launched straight up toward the upper edge of the screen, if you tweak your trajectory left and down, you can just miss the knockout zone.

However, there’s a bit of a glitch plaguing MultiVersus right now. At the time of writing, players are having difficulty with the second part of the Knockback Influence Advanced Tutorial, specifically the part that tells you to hold down and left to avoid an upper knockout. The precise reason for this glitch isn’t known, though some have theorized the developers made a trajectory adjustment before the launch of the open beta and forgot to take the tutorial into account.

Image via Player First Games/Warner Bros. Interactive

Whatever the reason, there is a workaround you can use to finish the tutorial. Assuming you’re playing MultiVersus on PC, just hold down and left on your controller when the tutorial bot launches you. The moment their hit connects, start mashing the Windows button on your keyboard. This will lag the game a bit, which will give it the extra moment it needs to register your down-left input, steering you away from the knockout zone. If you’re playing on an Xbox or PlayStation, you can do the same thing by mashing on the Xbox or PlayStation buttons on your controller.

Of course, you could also just not do this tutorial, because I’ve checked, and you don’t actually get anything for finishing all of the Advanced Tutorials. If it’s bothering you that much, you can just leave it be.

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