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How To Help Addison in tears of the kingdom

Bless Addison and her work ethics
Tears of the Kingdom
Image Via Nintendo

There’s just not a lot of dedicated employees these days. They’re either hardly working or just finding excuses not to show up for work. Addison on the other hand, now that’s an employee we need to hire. This construction worker is someone you come across as you journey through Hyrule as Link. Addison is trying to put up signs around the kingdom and if it’s not obvious, he’s well, not very good at it. Let’s put our heads together to try to figure out how to help Addison in Tears of the Kingdom.

Giving a Hand to Addison in Tears of the Kingdom

Addison is a dedicated worker who knows they’re not great at putting up signs but they won’t give up. In order to help Addison during this side quest you need to grab materials to make the signs appear straight. In order to practice using your abilities you will need to use Ultrahand power to combine elements together to fix the signs.

Here’s a tip when building signs: You can’t attach materials to the sign itself. Try building a free-standing structure against the sign. You can also use different elements such as rotating the plank to make it diagonal. Your main objective is to build something that will make the sign not falter and stand up straight. After you have helped Addison fix the signs you’re given a reward for your efforts.

Rewards from Addison in Tears of the Kingdom

If you loved helping Addison you’re going to love this quest, because you will need to continue it as you progress through the game. You need to help Addison three times and each time you fix a sign you will be rewarded with money, food, and rare ingredients.

You’ll need money early on in the game and food can help build your stamina. As for the rare ingredients, you’ll be able to use them to craft recipes for the future. It’s a nice and easy side quest that makes you feel all warm inside knowing you helped someone struggling.

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