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How to Heal and Revive Friends in The Outlast Trials

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With chaos all around you and death around any corner, at least your friends are there to hear you scream. Escaping out of the Program alive can feel like an impossible task when you have enemies breathing on your neck. This is why rationing out your meds are crucial to your survival. Whether you are playing through the trials alone or with friends, it is important to know where all healing items are and how to use them so that you actually stand a chance. Because Outlast is unforgiving and will seek any opportunity to ambush and punish its player. This is Vincent’s guide on how to heal and revive in The Outlast Trials.

How to Heal in The Outlast Trials

In Outlast Trials, healing is crucial regardless of whether you are playing alone or with a group. To heal, you need to find the correct items that increase your health pool. These are Medicine that you need to obtain. Medicine can appear in varying sizes, determining the amount of health you will get after using the item. Once the item is used, it will disappear from your inventory slot, allowing you to pick something else up. If you are playing with a group, you will need to hand over healing items using ‘G’ on Keyboard. To collect the item from a friend, use your Interact Button (left-click). Alternatively, you can drop items by holding ‘G’ instead of the slower interaction between players to pass over items. You can use these items by interacting with them, for that reason you will need to be careful that you have not selected them unnecessarily, causing you to panic and heal when you have lost a little bit of health.

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If your teammate gets downed (teammate on floor but still able to move around) all you need to do is hold left-click on their body to help them back up. The downed symbol is red and appeared as two white droplets in the icon.

How to Revive Friends and Players in The Outlast Trials

In The Outlast Trials it is imperative that you have at least one player on your team dedicated to collecting healing items in the game. These can be Antidotes, Syringes and Medicine. Each have specific uses that you need to be aware of so that you are not wasting items or hanging your teammates the wrong heals. If you are playing in a duo, it is better than both players are looking for heals as at the beginning of The Outlast Trials you only have enough slots for 3 items. Holding only meds will not help you in the long run to completing Programs.

To revive a teammate, players will need to find Syringes. These are used a last resort and should only be used to lift a dead player (when they cannot move). On your screen, the player icon appears red with a skull logo. You will need to have the Syringe in hand and interact with the dead teammate. You will need to hold for a period of time to revive, meaning that any enemy can try and kill you mid revive. For this reason it is best to have another friend around that can bait the enemies using bottles and sound traps or attack the enemies by throwing throwables at them so that they do not lock in an animation on the reviving player.

Where to Find Syringes, Antidotes and Medicine

These healing items are not placed in the same spots on the Map, therefore you will not find them in abundance. For this reason, you should only heal when you have under 2 bars of health left in your HP. This can be seen as the bottom bar on your screen, with a heart on the left-hand side. Antidotes are used to negate the effect of a Psychosis which can happen as a result to breathing in green gas or being attacked by enemies. Syringes provide a way to bring your dead friends back into the game. Remember that you can only die a total of 4 times, where on the fourth death you will get a game over.

You will find Medicine in First Aid Kits, typically located in the wall as a floating cabinet. Syringes can be found in glass cabinets where you will need to break it open to get it. You can also find Syringes inside locked containers where a Lockpick is needed to open it. Antidotes can be found on top of furniture (shelves, tables) and scattered throughout the Map.

That was our guide on how to heal and revive in The Outlast Trials. We hope this guide was helpful. For more guides on this Horror Game, feel free to see our related articles at Gamer Journalist here.

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