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How to hatch secret pets in Roblox pet simulator x

A new pet rarity has entered the chat.
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As always, there’s a new reason for players to be excited to jump right back into the action of the user-created Roblox title, Pet Simulator X. This is a title that is seemingly always bringing something new and unique to the fold, allowing returning players to have a goal to work towards.

This time, players have a totally new rarity level of pets to begin unlocking; Secret pets. But what are Secret pets and how can you get them? Today, we’ll explain exactly how to hatch Secret pets in Roblox’s Pet Simulator X, so that you can get your own!

How to hatch secret pets in Roblox pet simulator x

As it currently stands in Pet Simulator X, players wanting to acquire Secret pets are going to need to have some cash in their back pocket to do so, as it isn’t a cheap or too easy feat. Secret pets are a brand new concept in Pet Simulator X, plus there’s really only one kind to hatch, and that’s the Doodle Parrot. At least in the case of the Doodle Parrot, players need to travel to Doodle World in order to try to hatch it.

It’s important to note that players are going to need to have unlocked The Void as well as Limbo before even attempting to unlock Doodle World which is the only place to try and hatch it. Once there though, players are going to be able to test their chance of hatching the Doodle Parrot through the Tropical Doodle Eggs. The pet is extremely rare to get but these eggs are the only real way to do it. It’s best to turn on Ultra Lucky Boosts or Super Lucky Boosts to enhance your chances of getting one.

Additionally, some players have reported being able to purchase the new Secret pet directly from the Mysterious Merchant that pops into the game in Spawn World and Trading Plaza at both 12 am and 12 pm CT. Though this may not be a viable option in the future.

There really isn’t any news as to what other Secret pets are going to be entering the game in the future or if their way of hatching is going to be different. It’s safe to say though that hatching future pets may in fact be the same, where you’ll need to purchase the specific egg that corresponds to the pet’s origins from its home world in order to try to get it.

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Well, that’s really all you need to know in order to hatch the new Secret pets in Roblox Pet Simulator X! Be sure to check out some of our other helpful guides too, such as “When Does the Black Lucky Block Spawn in Roblox Pet Simulator X”. And don’t forget to like Gamer Journalist on Facebook for future content!

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