How to get World of Warcraft’s Rarest Mounts

With Shadowlands slated to drop in November, World of Warcraft is currently at a low point in its content cycle. If you’ve run out of things to do, you may be interested in pursuing some of the game’s rarest mounts. They’re fun to pursue and you’ll be able to brag to your guildmates if you get one. Here’s a look at how to get rare WoW mounts.

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1. The Ivory Hawkstrider

While this isn’t the prettiest mount, it is one of the game’s most rare. It’s different from many other rare WoW mounts in that it doesn’t have a low drop rate or high price on the auction house. Instead, earning the Ivory Hawkstrider requires tediously grinding your reputation.

The group you’re grinding reputation for is called Talon’s Vengeance. Some players may not be aware that reputation exists for Talon’s Vengeance. That’s because it’s hidden behind an initial quest. To earn this mount, you’ll need to kill a Direbeak Matreon. When you do, one of her four babies drops in the zone somewhere. You essentially level that up to turn it into the Ivory Hawkstrider.

How to get World of Warcraft's Rarest Mounts - Ivory Hawkstrider

2. The Shackled Ur-Zul

This mount isn’t for everyone. However, if you’re looking for a mount with a unique look, the Shackled Ur-Zul could be for you. Players can earn it by killing Mythic Argus. The mount is hard to earn because players are only able to kill Mythic Argus once per week on each character. Given the fact that others in your raid will likely also want this mount, it quickly becomes clear how challenging it is to earn.

How to get World of Warcraft's Rarest Mounts - Shackled Ur-Zul

3. The Big Love Rocket

This is one of WoW’s most iconic mounts. Its name describes exactly what it is, a large rocket with a love-based design. As you might expect, players can only earn the Big Love Rocket during the Love is in the Air Festival, which happens 2 weeks each year in February. 

The drop rate for this mount isn’t actually that low. It comes from the heart-shaped boxes that players can earn by completing the festival dungeon. However, this can only be done once per day on each character. That, coupled with the limited length of the Love is in the Air Festival, make this mount extremely challenging to earn.

4. The Cobalt Primordial Direhorn

This is another rare mount you can farm while waiting for Shadowlands to release. The Cobalt Primordial Direhorn is dropped by Oondasta, who is a world boss in the Mists of Pandaria area. You can only kill that boss once per week per character, which explains why so few WoW characters have this mount. While farming it, make sure to use a rune of fate to increase its chances of dropping.

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5. The Plagued Proto-Drake

The Plagued Proto-Drake is an extremely rare mount that was given out as a reward for the Naxxramas Meta-achievements. It was removed after the introduction of Ulduar. However, players can still purchase it on the black market auction house. To do so, you’ll need tons of gold, as these typically go for the gold cap. Start saving up now and make sure to bid quickly when you see one on the market.

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Farming for mounts is an excellent way to pass the time while waiting for Shadowlands to release. We hope that this look at how to get rare WoW mounts has helped you find a new goal to work towards while you wait.

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