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How to Get Warframe Aura Mods?

Explore new passive mods that help the whole team!
Warframe Aura Mods
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As you play Warframe, you’ll notice yourself slowly becoming more powerful. It’s a gripping gameplay loop with highly frantic action and modest power boosts that keep you returning for the next giant leap.

And one such leap stems from Aura mods in Warframe. These powerful modifications offer passive buffs to your party, making everyone stronger, faster, and just better overall. Here is how to get Aura Mods in Warframe!

What Are Aura Mods?

Auras, a mod that provides passive effects to an entire group, breaks the norm in Warframe by not offering direct buffs to your equipped suit. Instead, the whole group benefits. If more than one person has an Aura equipped and active, the effects stack.

As such, it benefits everyone to have Aura Mods in Warframe. But it’s difficult to track down and acquire the highest-rank Aura Mods, which offer greater mod capacity.

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How to Get Aura Mods in Warframe?

There are numerous ways to get Aura Mods in Warframe, including:

  • Farming platinum to buy them
  • Using the trade chat to purchase them from other players
  • Completing challenges via Nightwave
  • Tackling Silver Grove Specters
  • Arbitration

If you wish to farm Aura Mods, Specters will prove the most effective option for low-rank mods. You’ll receive the following drops from Specters:

  • Brief Respite
  • Empowered Blades
  • Growing Power
  • Pistol Amp
  • Shotgun Amp
  • Stand United

What You Need to Know About Aura Mods?

Before we conclude, there are a few things you should know about Aura Mods, such as:

  • If you die mid-mission, your Aura benefits will not continue to help the entire team. They shut down completely.
  • Occasionally, during gameplay, Warframe will lag and cause Aura effects to delay.
  • Steel Charge and Power Donation have the highest mod capacity increase of any Aura Mod in the game.
  • Coaction Drift directly improves your Aura Mods’ effectiveness.

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