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How to get Tusk Act 1–4 in AUT

How to get Tusk Act 1–4 in AUT

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure fans will know about Tusk; the Stand Johnny Joestar develops using the Corpse’s Left Hand with the help of Gyro. The stand is also one of the best stands in Roblox’s A Universal Time (AUT). In this guide, we’ll show you how to get Tusk Act 1, Act 2, Act 3, and Act 4 in AUT and provide a walkthrough for each step.

Obtaining Tusk Act 1–4 in A Universal Time (AUT)

There are four different Tusk Acts to obtain in AUT. Each Tusk Act has a special set of sets to perform in sequence. You’ll be searching through Debris Piles for the Left Arm of the Saint and the Eye of the Saint. Read on below to learn how to obtain each Tusk Act.

How to get Tusk Act 1 in AUT

  1. Go to Devil’s Palm.
  2. Search through Sand Debris.
  3. Obtain Saint Left Arm.
  4. Use Saint Left Arm.

To get Tusk Act 1, you need to head to the sand biome known as Devil’s Palm. Search for piles of sand, also called Sand Debris, for an item called Saint’s Left Arm. Our AUT item spawn rates guide shows an 8% chance of spawning in a Sand Debris Pile. When you find Saint’s Left Arm, equip it and use the item to obtain Tusk Act 1 in AUT.

How to get Tusk Act 1 in AUT

How to get Tusk Act 2 in AUT

  1. Return to Devil’s Palm.
  2. Locate and speak to Johnny Joestar.
  3. Accept and complete the Nail Training quest.

After obtaining Tusk Act 1, you’ll need to return to the Devil’s Palm area. Look for Johnny Joestar, an NPC near the start of the zone. He spawns every eight minutes, so use some patience and wait for him. You should be able to see him from the edge of the forest area. Speak with Johnny Joestar, and he will say:

“I see that you’ve acquired a similar ability of mine from the Corpse Part. In order to improve your ‘Abilities,’ you must hone your nails. To achieve mastery over your nails, you must ‘surf’ the land for five minutes.”

Pick the “Alright” dialogue option to accept the Nail Training quest. You will need to use the Nail Glide move for a total of 600 seconds in the Devil’s Palm area to complete the quest. You can perform Nail Glide with Tusk by pressing the “V” key in AUT. It will take you around thirty minutes to complete this quest, considering the move cooldown.

After completing the Nail Training quest, you will automatically obtain Tusk Act 2.

How to get Tusk Act 3 in AUT

  1. Lower your health to under 150 HP.
  2. Use the Dark Determination move.

To get Tusk Act 3 in AUT, you must first lower your health into the red. You can walk over to the attack Dummy in the park and let it hit you five or six times. When your health is under 150 HP, you can press H to use the Dark Determination move. It is a Tusk Act 2 exclusive move, so make sure to have that Stand active. 

Every time you perform this action with low health, there is a slight chance to obtain Tusk Act 3. There’s a very low chance to obtain Tusk Act 3 in this way when first starting, but your chances increase every time you use Dark Determination. Eventually, an NPC will spawn in front of you after using Dark Determination, and you can speak with him to automatically obtain Tusk Act 3.

How to get Tusk Act 4 in AUT

  1. Go to Devil’s Palm.
  2. Search through Sand Debris.
  3. Obtain the Eye of the Saint.

To obtain Tusk Act 4 in AUT, you will need to go back to Devil’s Palm and search through more Sand Debris. There’s a 2% chance to find an Eye of the Saint. You can also trade another player for this item if you know someone who has it and is willing to sell it. 

When you find the Eye of the Saint, equip it and then talk to Gyro on the edge of the forest just before Devil’s Palm. Make sure you have the Eye of the Saint in your item bar, and then speak with Gyro. You must be in Tusk Act 3, as well.

Gyro will say, “you’ve drastically improved and fully demonstrated your brilliant resolve. However, you’re still missing one final technique. Bring me the ‘Eye of the Saint,” and I shall guide you.” Press “Alright” on the dialog, and you will unlock Tusk Act 4 in AUT.

How to switch between Tusk Acts in AUT

To switch between Tusk Acts in AUT, you will need to press the “[” and “]” keys on your keyboard. You can move freely between Tusk acts by pressing those keys, similar to using the number keys to transform Goku. 

For more AUT guides, you can check out our website’s A Universal Time section. We have lots of content explaining how to get all the Stands and Specs in the game.

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