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How to Get to Pixel World in Pet Simulator X

Learn how to unlock Pixel World in Pet Simulator X.
How to get to pixel world in pet simulator x

The Pet Simulator X Pixel update is packed with tons of new content, including a brand new world to explore. Players are super excited about the addition of Pixel World. Pixel World adds multiple new areas, including Pixel Forest, Pixel Kyoto, Pixel Alps, and Pixel Vault. If you’re a new player or just revisiting Pet Simulator X after some time, the way to reach Pixel World might not be clear. No worries, we’re here to help.

How to Get to Pixel World in Pet Simulator X

To reach Pixel World, you must first unlock The Void. The Void can be reached by entering the final portal of Tech World. However, it’s not quite that simple. Before the portal lets you pass, you must first complete three quests.

Three Quests Required to Unlock The Void

  1. Break 10 Giant Hacker Chests
  2. Collect 50 Loot Bags
  3. Convert 3 Pets to Dark Matter

The second quest is the most tedious for most. To help, remember to spread your pets out to break more chests at once. The portal will let you pass through to the Void when you’ve completed the three quests in order.

Once you’re in the Void, move down to the middle of the platform until you see two signs. The first sign will lead you to Axolotl Ocean, and the second sign will lead you to the Pixel World cannon. Head up the green stairs, launch yourself over to Pixel world, and grab your teleport unlock. If you haven’t already unlocked the Void teleport, make sure to do so as soon as you have enough diamonds.

Pet Simulator X The Void

That’s all there is to it. If you already had The Void unlocked, reaching Tech World will be as easy as teleporting to The Void and following the #2 sign to the pixel cannon. If not, the quests necessary to unlock The Void should take roughly an hour to complete, depending on your pets. Good luck, and enjoy Pixel World!

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