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How to Get Tightly Wound Coil in Remnant 2

A small shielding Ring to hold tightly
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The Tightly Wound Coil is just one of the many Rings that you can obtain and equip in Remnant 2. With a whopping 4 slots available to assign your Ring collection, carrying that weight in both gold and abilities is something that is definitely worth your time and effort. The Rings carry an important task in completing your Build. It can make or literally break your Remnant 2 playthrough, such as the Anatasija’s Inspiration which hits record-breaking numbers for AFK battling. Although the remainder of the Rings available in Remnant 2 offer a weapon and ability buff relevant to your chosen Archetype, the Tightly Wound Coil specifically offers players a shield of 10% HP for 5s upon using 75% of their magazine. This is Vincent’s guide on where to get the Tightly Wound Coil Ring in Remnant 2.

Where to Find the Tightly Wound Coil in Remnant 2

It is very important to note that the Tightly Wound Coil works best for Builds focussed around a firearm. Those who have Builds catering solely around a powerful Melee Weapon will find no proper use for this Ring. Instead, we recommend this Ring in combination with Archetype Builds – Gunslinger or Hunter, or a Build intended for a specific purpose such as Bleed. You will want to have something that focusses on dealing out high Crit and Weakspot Damage so that the Tightly Wound Coil can do its service through shielding you as you approach the end of the Magazine or need to reload. We highly recommend this used for weapons that have smaller capacities or longer charge times.

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The Tightly Wound Coil Ring can be found inside N’erud, specifically inside the Void Vessel Facility. Luckily, the treasure hunt of this can always be completed inside the Void Vessel Facility. The hunt for the Ring however is still something that you will need to keep at the forefront in your exploration and completion of the Facility. This area is filled with puzzles, enemies, secrets and items to collect so keep your wits about you in the search for a very important room. The room you need has a Stasis Pod and Console to interact with in it. By interacting with the Console, a N’erud Zombie will release from within and behind it, the Coil Ring can be found. You will of course want to get the Zombie out of the way first to pick up the Tightly Wound Coil from the now-emptied Pod.

The room in question can be found on the west side of the Facility via the Map Overview, with the entrance/exits located at the central south side. There are a lot of Pods in the Facility but the one in question is located at the central chamber with two other chambers at either side of it with a rectangular corridor surrounding the room. The Pod you need is in the centre, this is important to note as you may visit one of the other two Pods in close proximity to it and not find the Coil Ring. You need to go into the middle chamber, interact with the Console, kill the Zombie and pick up the Coil Ring which will emit a purple interaction glow.

That was our quick guide on where to find the Tightly Wound Coil Ring in Remnant 2. For more on this game, be sure to see our full Remnant 2 section over at Gamer Journalist here. Thank you for reading.

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