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How to Get the Zebra Cap in Blox Fruits

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Blox Fruits is a One-Piece inspired Roblox game where players can live out their anime fantasies. But becoming the strongest player alive is not easy. You’ll need every asset and tool you need to become a strong swordsman, and there is one hat that you may be interested. The Zebra Cap comes with a range of bonuses. Here is how to find the Zebra Cap in Blox Fruits.

How to get the Zebra Cap in Blox Fruits

The Zebra Cap

The Zebra Cap itself is a powerful piece of kit, which will considerably help you on your way to the most powerful player. Alongside looking fashionable.

The Zebra Cap exclusively helps swordsmen however, so if you are a powerful Blox Fruits user, you may want to skip out on this item.

zebra cap in blox fruits
Image via Gamer Robot Inc

Aside from granting +100 HP and +500 energy, the Zebra Cap also gives out +10% sword damage, which will be more than welcome to any high level swordsman dealing good damage already. However, the Zebra Cap does elongate your Blox Fruit cooldown by 15%.

The powerful cap does make your Blox Fruit powers suffer, so is ideal only for swordsmen mains.

Defeating Order

In order to get the Zebra Cap, you must defeat Order. Order is a Lvl 1250 Raid Boss, so you’ll need to be a high level to become powerful enough to topple such a beast.

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To summon Order, you need to purchase a Microchip from Arlthmetic, for 1,000 fragments. Arlthmetic is an NPC that spawns inside a stone roof in the Hot and Cold location. With the Microchip, you must go to the Secret Laboratory and use it in the darkest blue chamber. At once, the battle will begin. If not defeated within 15 minutes, the boss battle will end and you will not receive anything.

Image via Gamer Robot Inc

Order is a difficult opponent that has a variety of moves. If you find yourself defeated, don’t give up! Train harder and come back.

At Order’s defeat, you will obtain the Zebra Cap and can equip it from your inventory.

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