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How to get the Trinity Ghoul Catalyst in Destiny 2

How to get the Trinity Ghoul Catalyst in Destiny 2

The new Destiny 2 Season of Arrivals is here, which brings some new Catalysts into the game, including a new Trinity Ghoul Catalyst. We have never seen a catalyst that improves a weapon quite as much as this one does. This exotic Catalyst transforms the bow into one of the best ones to use in the game.

You might be wondering how to get this Exotic Catalyst, and it’s actually not all that difficult. In this guide, we will show you how to get the Trinity Ghoul Catalyst in Destiny 2, including what you need to do to get it to drop and what you need to do to complete it. We’ll also take a look at the performance and see how much better it makes the weapon. 

How to get the Trinity Ghoul Catalyst in Destiny 2

The Trinity Ghoul Catalyst drops randomly at the end of a CrucibleGambit, or Vanguard Strikes. Many players report receiving this Catalyst at the end of their first match, so it is a relatively easy item to acquire. That’s all you need to do to get the Catalyst, and the next step is to upgrade it.

You can use any conventional farming method to upgrade the Trinity Ghoul. To complete the weapon masterwork, you need to get around 400 kills in PvE, or somewhere around 100 in PvP with this Exotic Bow. You can go about racking up these kills however you want. It sounds like a lot of kills, but you should fly through it in no time. 

To knock this one out, we went with The Whisper mission and got most of the way through our progress from a single mission in the Thrall room. If you want to go the PvP route, each kill seems to count as roughly one percent completion for the upgrade, meaning you will need about 100 kills. Whatever you choose, it’s well worth the short thirty-minute to have one of the best weapons in the game.

After completing the progress, you can apply the upgrade and check how it affects the weapon. If you are not familiar with the Trinity Ghoul, let’s go over some of the basics. Split Electronic is the intrinsic perk for this bow, which causes your arrow to split when you fire it. Fully drawing the bow and using ADS decreases the spread. It also comes with the Lightning Rod trait, which causes precision kills to grant the next shot chain-lightning capabilities.

Do not underestimate Lightning Rod. If you can keep getting kills with your Trinity Ghoul, you will see so much lightning around you you’d think you were in a thunderstorm. When you are waiting for your arc abilities, aim down your sights to get the precision kill. That will proc the Lightning Rod again, and you can continue with your destruction.

As for the Catalyst, it gives the weapon a brand new perk called Forked Lightning. This new perk causes Lightning Rod to proc whenever you get an Arc kill with any weapon. This is of the reasons this weapon is so good. Keep in mind you need to have your Trinity Ghoul out as you get the kill for the trait to proc.

The Catalyst also improves the charge time and draw time of Trinity Ghoul. This bow has a 756 draw time by default, but this drops down to 648 with the Catalyst. 

  • +30 to charge time
  • +30 to draw time

Compared to other bows, Trinity Ghoul used to be one of the slower bows in the game. This Catalyst drastically improved the Trinity Ghoul and makes it easily one of the top weapons in the game now.

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