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How to Get the Ski Marker in Find the Markers

Don't look down!
ski marker in find the markers
image via markers epic memers

Find the Markers, by markers epic memers, is a Roblox ‘find the’ game with over 200 markers to seek out and find. WIth a huge map and ingenious puzzles, this game is suitable for both casual and completionist players. But there is one marker that only dare devils would ever attempt to collect. The Ski marker requires a lot of bravery to collect, so steel your nerves. Here is how to find the Ski Marker in Find the Markers.

How to get the Ski Marker in Find the Markers

Travelling up the mountain

The Ski Marker won’t be found by simply looking for it. You must impress the marker with your ski skills. And what better place to do that than up the mountain?

From spawn, look to the edges of the map to find a mountain so large there is snow atop it.

mountain in find the markers
image via markers epic memers

Walk to the cave entrance of the mountain, but don’t go through. Instead, climb the ladders and then follow the ribcages. You must get to the peak of the mountain, and the best way of doing that is to keep ascending the side of the mountain as you follow the ribcages, they will lead you right to the top.

You may fall down a few times but keep going, the correct path isn’t difficult if followed correctly. You will soon come across snow. It will be easier for you to climb to the very top for the next step. If you are stuck, use the slanted trees to help you jump to higher places.

Performing the ski trick

Once at the top of the mountain, look for a pile of planks.

building ramp in find the markers
image via markers epic memers

You will need to hop down to the debris. The game will prompt you to interact with them to build them, but when you try nothing will happen. You must spam the planks constantly until an explosion happens, and a ramp is built above you.

You must climb back up to the top. Find the ramp protruding off a side and walk towards it. Your character will slide down the ramp and launch into the air, where a white ring is now suspended. Your character must hit the ring.

If the jump fails, you will have to climb all the way back up the mountain to try again. Once your character hits the ring, you’ll be teleported back to the top of the mountain, where the Ski Marker will be waiting for you.

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