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How to get the Requiem Arrow in Sakura Stand

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Roblox Sakura Stand is a PvP fighting experience inspired by the anime JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure. Using the power of specs and stands, players will be fighting one another, using special items to get new abilities and movesets. To get Gold Experience Requiem, a stand, players will need to acquire the Requiem Arrow first. Here is how to get the Requiem Arrow in Sakura Stand.

Finding a Polnareff Turtle in Sakura Stand

In Sakura Stand, there is nothing the developers love more than difficult quests and tedious and long-winded spawn mechanics, and you’ll be dealing with both if you want the Requiem Arrow. This item allows you to turn your Gold Experience stand into the Gold Experience Requiem stand, and is received at the end of a quest.

To obtain your quest, you must find a Polnareff Turtle. These turtles could appear anywhere in the map, around trees or small stones. They have a 50% chance of spawning every two hours, so keep server hopping till you find a server around a two hour mark to start searching.

Once you have found a Polnareff Turtle, click on it to obtain a quest, to defeat the Chariot Requiem boss.

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Defeating Chariot Requiem in Sakura Stand

On to the next stage of your mission, you’ll have to defeat Chariot Requiem to obtain your Requiem Arrow. Chariot Requiem is a boss that will spawn, thankfully, every hour on the map. He is a purple figure and very powerful, so you’ll likely need others on the server to help you out. And don’t worry, everyone who is present at his death that has contributed to his death will receive a Requiem Arrow.

Due to the high health pool of Chariot Requiem, don’t worry too much about yourself dying. Keep rushing yourself at him and performing all of your moves constantly as and when they are available. Before too long, everyone will have whittled his health down. Make sure you are present at his death, however!

Getting and using Requiem Arrow in Sakura Stand

When Chariot Requiem is dead, you should see the Requiem Arrow in your inventory. Immediately put it into your storage to keep it safe! The only way for the Requiem Arrow to work in Sakura Stand is if you currently have Gold Experience active. That will turn Gold Experience into Gold Experience Requiem. Until you have Gold Experience, keep your Requiem Arrow safe in your storage.

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