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How to Get the Primary Arcane Adapter in Warframe

More adapters, more enhancements.
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I’d love to shake the hand of the person who conceptualized adapter plugs. So many compatibility problems in history have been solved with adapters, be they outdated video game consoles and new TVs or, in the case of Warframe, Tenno weapons and mysterious magical enhancements. Ain’t technology grand? Here’s how to get the Primary Arcane Adapter in Warframe.

How to Get the Primary Arcane Adapter in Warframe

The Primary Arcane Adapter is a special consumable item that’s meant to facilitate the usage of Arcane Enhancements with Primary Weapons. See, every Primary Weapon has one Primary Arcane Slot for Arcane Enhancements, but you can’t access the slot by default. By fusing a Primay Arcane Adapter with the weapon, though, the slot opens up, allowing you to equip Arcane Enhancements.

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So how do you get a Primary Arcane Adapter? First, you need to participate in The Steel Path, as your weapons’ Arcane Slots will be hidden until you do. After that, you can purchase Primary Arcane Adapters from Teshin the Conclave Master, who can be found at any Relay. However, Teshin doesn’t take cash. He’ll only accept 15 Steel Essence as payment for a Primary Arcane Adapter.

Getting Steel Essence

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Steel Essence is a special resource that you can obtain as a reward for completing various objectives in The Steel Path, including defeating bosses, completing special Alerts, and clearing out Mission Nodes. Different objectives reward different amounts of Steel Essence, so with a bit of grinding, you can get what you need fairly quickly.

The following objectives reward Steel Essence:

  • Defeating Eidolon Teralyst, Eidolon Gantulyst, or Eidolon Hydrolyst: 1 Steel Essence
  • Opening a Void Relic in a Steel Path Void Fissure mission: 1 Steel Essence
  • Defeating Acolytes: 2 Steel Essence
  • Clearing Steel Path Incursion Alerts: 5 Steel Essence
  • Fully clearing a planet’s mission nodes: 25 Steel Essence

Once you’ve got at least 15 Steel Essence, you can trade it to Teshin to purchase a Primary Arcane Adapter, then merge it with the weapon of your choice to unlock its true potential.

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