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How Do Fronts and Warfare Work in Victoria 3

To war.
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Whether you like it or not, war is something that you will often encounter in Victoria 3. Whether it being a confrontation between two nations or a total World War in multiplayer, being able to defend and attack whenever necessary and strategically is key to advance and conquer this game. That’s where fronts come in, as the main way wars are decided. Here you will find how do fronts and warfare work in Victoria 3.

How Do Fronts and Warfare Work in Victoria 3

Victoria 3 handles warfare in a very specific way. Instead of the classic movement of your troops, attacking the enemy’s cities or towns, armies will encounter each other in a certain part of the map. The specific line in which both armies collide is called the frontline. Depending on whose army is stronger, the frontline will move. You will lose territory by being the weaker side, and you will gain advantage if you are the stronger side. Pretty basic rules, but let’s talk a little bit more about frontline warfare. You will master the art of war.

In order to even fight a war and be able to use your troops, you will need to assign a General to a specific front. They will be able to defend the frontline or even attack the enemy. Do this as a preventive measure before war breaks between you and your enemy. The best way to ensure victory is by promoting generals, expanding the barracks, researching new military technologies, and using specific perks to shift the tides of war.

Be Wise and Win the War

Your victory is also determined by a number of factors, that, in short, depend on of how strategic you were playing before and during warfare. Firstly, be sure to have strategic allies before engaging in combat, this will help you a little bit (don’t rely too much on them though, each country has its own problems). Secondly, sometimes having more numbers before quality troops could be decisive to win an early war, so build a lot of barracks and focus on mass conscription. Thirdly, it will be wise to attack the enemy on several fronts. Divide and conquer, after all. Finally, please, don’t neglect or forget the people of your country. Historically, this has been decisive in several wars, and that is not the exception in Victoria 3.

If you follow this rules, victory will be assured. Go ahead now, protect your nation and defeat your enemies.

Victoria 3 is available now on Windows, macOS and Linux (through Steam). If you like our Victoria 3 content, don’t forget to check out Victoria 3: How to Trade and Start a New Trade Route and What is a Customs Union in Victoria 3?.

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