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How to get the Lava Bomb in Tower of Fantasy

Take caution, things are 'bout to get red hot
lava bomb in tower of fantasy
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Tower of Fantasy is the free-to-play anime MMORPG that sees you going toe-to-toe with ferocious enemies and monsters. When running from or towards these hordes, have you ever wondered if it would have been easier to just blow them all to hell?

The Lava Bomb does just that, blowing your enemies sky-high whilst soaking them with molten lava. If you’ve ever needed to get your hands on such a device, then keep reading, as this is your guide on unlocking the Lava Bomb in Tower of Fantasy.

What is the Lava Bomb in Tower of Fantasy?

The Lava Bomb is a projectile SR relic that explodes upon contact when thrown. Dealing heavy fire damage, the bomb does more than simply clear away your foes.

Here is what the game has to say about the relic:

Toss a Lava Bomb at a target location, dealing damage equal to 567% of ATK and launching the target into the air. Cooldown: 45 seconds.

Tower of Fantasy

With a swift cool-down, you could be harassing and boiling your enemies frequently, making the Lava Bomb very useful, if not the most powerful. Alongside its clear use against opponents, this relic can be used simply as a fire weapon, as it can be used to solve tar pit or thorn puzzles, freeing up treasures.

When upgraded, this relic becomes even more useful at stopping enemies in their tracks, as it can adopt the stun debuff and its flame attacks become even stronger. Soon, you’ll have a swiftly available bomb that deals damage, burns, and stuns in a radius, which is great for crowd control and very effective against foes vulnerable to fire.

How to unlock the Lava Bomb

The Lava Bomb won’t be the easiest thing to get, considering just how powerful it is. The exclusive way to get hold of this SR relic is through collecting 20 Lava Bomb relic shards. Relic shards are dropped by bosses as a reward, so you may need to be ready for quite a tussle.

Alternatively, if you come across an SR relic box, you have a chance of redeeming it for free instantly. Whatever the case, you must go into the relic menu afterward to claim it and equip it.

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