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How to Get the Huge St. Patrick’s Event Pets in Pet Simulator X

Feeling lucky? Hatch some pets!
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Spring is just around the corner, and for Roblox’s Pet Simulator X, that means a new event! This March event is green, gold, and lucky, all for St. Paddy’s day! A variety of fun events have been added to the game, allowing you to collect cute green pets based on clovers, leprechauns, and all things St. Patrick’s Day! There’s a lot to do in this game this season, and loads of new pets to collect.

Collecting all of the new pets might be a bit more work than you think though! It’s easier to get some of the event pets than others – and this includes the Huge pets! While you simply have to open a few eggs to get some of these cute collectibles, others, like the new huge pets, will require you to do a bit more. What do you have to do to unlock each pet though? We have the answers for you here, so let’s leap like a leprechaun, and get into it!

How do I get the Huge Leprechaun Cat?

The first huge pet you can get during this event is the huge Leprechaun Cat. It’s an adorable giant grey cat, dressed up in a green vest, hat, and cute little bow tie! This festive feline is one of three huge pets that can be collected during this event, and is probably the easiest of the three to actually collect.

In order to get the huge leprechaun cat, you’ll simply need to access the event area. Here, you’ll find various areas in which you can purchase and hatch event eggs. Believe it or not, all of these eggs offer players a chance to unlock the Huge Leprechaun Cat – though some are better for it than others. The more sectors of the event area you unlock, the more eggs you’ll be able to hatch. The later eggs have a greater chance of getting you this pet, though if you’re impatient, you still have a chance to get the Leprechaun cat from all the eggs.

How do I get the Huge Clover Dragon in Pet Simulator X?

Image via BIG Games Pets

The next huge pet that comes with this event is the Huge Clover Dragon. This pet is green, wears a fun green hat, and has wings made up of you guessed it – clovers! This pet is a little more challenging to get than the huge cat, as you can only get it from one area of the game. Furthermore, this area only appears a few times a day, so you don’t have forever to get this dragon.

To get the huge clover dragon, you’ll need to participate in the Giant Rainbow Egg Event. This occurs in the spawn world, where a giant rainbow appears in the sky. This rainbow appears every four hours, and players will have to break several chests to get to the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Once this task is complete, you’ll have the chance to hatch an egg, with a chance of getting the huge clover dragon!

How do I get the Huge Clover Unicorn?

The last huge pet that was added to the game is the Huge Clover Unicorn. This magical pet is green, has clovers in its mane, and is ready to help you celebrate the season! This is one of the more difficult huge pets to get, as like the huge dragon, there’s only one place you can try to hatch this pet. Unlike the dragon, fortunately, you don’t have to wait for four hours to try to unlock the pet every day.

The huge clover unicorn is accessible in the last sector of the event area: The Lucky Kingdom. This area is surrounded by large coins, and has two Lucky Kingdom Eggs you can hatch. One is normal, while the other contains the golden variants of each pet. These are the only eggs that you can get the huge clover unicorn in, so you might want to focus on completing the quests that unlock this area for you.

How do I complete all of the Event Quests?

Image via BIG Games Pets

If you’re looking to unlock the huge unicorn pet, you’ll have to unlock various sectors in the event area. In order to do this, you’ll need to complete three quests in the game. The first quest calls you to break 100 clover coin piles. These can be found spawning all across the main game area, and can be broken easily in the earlier game stages. The second quest requires you to do the same thing, except with 50 coin pots. These contain more coins than the piles do, and will help you hatch more event eggs down the line.

The final quest, which will unlock the huge unicorn egg area, will have you participate in the Rainbow Event. You’ll need to wait for the rainbow to appear, and once you do, help other players break chests, and slowly make your way across the rainbow. Once you reach the pot of gold, you can head back to the main event area, and head to the Lucky Kingdom!

Are there other pets I can get During this Event?

Image via BIG Games Pets

The huge pets aren’t the only fun pets that you can get during this green-themed event. The Leprechaun Cat and a Clover Unicorn both have miniature forms, each accessible from the various eggs in the event area. Both have different rarities depending on which eggs you hatch, though both are fun additions to the event!

You can also find an Irish Corgi, Clover Fairy, and cute Clover Axolotl. These are all green-colored pets fit for the festive season! These can all be accessed through the regular event eggs, while you can get golden variants of the pets through the golden eggs.

How do I get Clover coins in Pet Simulator X?

In order to hatch all of these pets, you’ll need to have the money to do so. Luckily, the currency required to unlock these St. Patricks Day pets is entirely free, and accessible to all. Clover coins spawn all over the place in the game in the form of piles and pots. By breaking these, you’ll earn a solid amount of clover coins!

You’ll also get some clover coins from breaking any pile of diamonds, coins, or vaults, regardless of whether they’re seasonal or not. You can also get clover coins from placing your pet in the Daycare. The more pets you place in the daycare, the greater reward you’ll get, so be sure to place as many high-leveled pets in there as you can!

And that concludes our guide on how to get the Huge St. Patrick’s Day Event Pets in Pet Simulator X. For more Roblox content, be sure to check out our guide on How to hatch secret pets in Roblox Pet Simulator X. If you’re looking for more gaming content as a whole, also be sure to follow Gamer Journalist on our Facebook page to stay updated on all our content!

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