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How to Get Summit Badge in Roblox AU: Reborn

Becoming powerful means challenging yourself!
climbing pillar in AU reborn
Screenshot by GJ / AU:R

AU:Reborn, by AU:R, is an anime inspired Roblox game of defeating bosses or partaking in team-death matches, where you can unleash a huge array of well-animated skills and powers. When not fighting, however, players will gather in a lobby, consisting of white pillars and columns suspended above the cloud level. Players can roam as they please. In this lobby, players can achieve something tedious and difficult, something that requires a lot of skill and patience. If you are up for it, then you can try your hand at winning the Summit Badge in AU:Reborn.

What is the Summit Badge?

The Summit Badge in AU:Reborn is a badge that players can earn in the lobby to prove their skills. It tells people to “reach the highest point in the lobby”, which is a lot easier said than done. This is mostly a difficult task that can be undertaken between rounds, to keep you occupied. It also serves as a statement piece, a testament to your skills and keyboard work.

How to Claim the Summit Badge in AU:Reborn

Firstly, in the lobby, you will spawn in atop a very thin column of pillar. Do not fall off of this pillar, it is super tricky to get back up to where you were, and you probably won’t be able to do it before the next game begins.

There are two rows you could potentially spawn on, one that is lower and has the training portal on it, or one that is higher. Make your way to the higher one.

lobby in AU:reborn
Screenshot by GJ / AU:R

To jump the gaps you will need to, you must learn how to double jump, as in this game, it is not simple and is arduous. To regularly jump, the space bar is required. To double jump, you must hold space and press ‘Q’, without pressing any arrow keys whatsoever. ‘Q’ is the dashing button, in this game a double jump is essentially a jump and a vertical dash. If a movement key is pressed before hitting ‘Q’, then you merely dash forwards.

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Once on the left half of the higher column, run to the very end, where there will be a large column. Using a combination of perfectly-timed double jumps and climbing, you will hit the top of the column and claim the badge.

Be warned, though, for this is very difficult and will take numerous attempts.

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