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a dimly lit jail cell. a blonde-haired man stands in front of the left-most cell, which has a man in a purple coat and a large hat inside. The jailed man is waving his arms around while talking
Screenshot via Terrible Toybox

How To Get Stan His Toothbrush In Return To Monkey Island

Guybrush is the only person Stan can rely on to bring him his toothbrush while he's locked away in an icy prison.

Stan S. Stanman is the Monkey Island series’ resident con-man, and it looks like his antics have finally caught up with him. Head to the jail on Melee Island to find Stan locked in a cell alongside Guybrush’s old crewmate, Otis. While he’s not interested in breaking out, he does ask Guybrush for an unusual request: his toothbrush.

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How to Find Stan’s Toothbrush

a moonlit dock that's been partially destroyed. a half-collapsed wooden stall sits in the foreground. a blonde-haired man looks into the broken half of the stand. Text on the screen reads "take the picture" and "a picture?"
Screenshot via Terrible Toybox

Stan says that you can find his toothbrush inside his old shop on the other side of Melee Island. Leave town to reach his old dock, which is in a state of slight disrepair since Stan’s incarceration. Someone has doused the torches and boarded up Stan’s shop. Peer through the window and Guybrush can see Stan’s toothbrush sitting on his desk, but there’s no way to reach it right now.

You’ll need to wait a bit until you can come back for Stan’s toothbrush. The events at the end of Chapter 3 break open Stan’s shop, allowing you to get inside and collect the toothbrush. Grab the picture of Stan as well, as you’ll need it to visit him on Brrr Muda.

Get Stan His Toothbrush

a blonde-haired man talking to a prison inmate in a very large hat. the prison is blanketed with snow and there are large columns of ice around. text at the bottom of the screen reads "achievement earned: Gave Stan His Toothbrush"
Screenshot via Terrible Toybox

Part of the jail on Melee Island collapsed after the earthquake at the end of Chapter 3, so Stan has been relocated to Brrr Muda. He’s serving out his prison sentence at the Ice Quarry there, and the guard won’t let you in to see him without proof that you really know Stan.

Visit Elaine’s camp on Scurvy Island to get her picture frame, then track down Guybrush’s half of the picture at the lime grove with the seagull nest. Add the pictures of Guybrush and Stan to the picture frame to forge a convincing photo of the two of you together. Present the evidence to the guard to get into the Ice Quarry.

Head to the back of the prison to find Stan by himself in a prison jumpsuit and matching, striped hat. Grab the toothbrush from your inventory and drag it over to Stan to give him back his toothbrush. You’ll earn the “Gave Stan His Toothbrush” achievement for your efforts.

Return to Monkey Island is available now for the Nintendo Switch and Steam.

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