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How to get Scrap in Outriders

How to get Scrap in Outriders

In a world where paper money isn’t really a viable medium of commerce, mankind needs to fall back on more tangible forms of trade. Case in point, in a setting like Outriders where everything is either ruined or own fire, you need a currency that won’t easily be vaporized. Here’s how to get Scrap in Outriders.

Scrap is your primary form of currency in Outriders, as well as a means of upgrading, modding, and generally improving your weapons and gear. Just about every transaction or upgrade will require a quantity of Scrap, so you’ll definitely want to get your hands on as much of the stuff as humanly possible. Luckily, there is no shortage of rusty, pointy metal in Outriders, which means plenty of sources of valuable Scrap.

How to get Scrap in Outriders

There are five primary ways to obtain more Scrap, and they are as follows:

  1. Kill stuff. While not guaranteed, enemies will frequently be carrying Scrap on them, which can be looted after gently dissuading them from living.
  2. Loot stuff. Chests can be found here and there in the world, and will usually yield a decent payout of Scrap when opened. Chests also reset a few hours after you open them, so if you’ve found a good one, make sure to visit again later.
  3. Sell stuff. As you explore, you’ll no doubt amass a collection of useless junk. Instead of letting it clutter your pockets, sell it to your local vendor for some Scrap. If you’re not using it for something, just hock it, unless there’s a part you need from it.
  4. Dismantle stuff. All weapons and armor can be dismantled into composite parts in your inventory. Dismantling can get you rare crafting materials like iron and leather, as well as, you guessed it, Scrap.
  5. Complete quests. Every time you complete a quest, you’ll receive a lump payout of Scrap. The more dangerous the quest, the higher the resulting payout. Quests can be replayed as many times as you like, so if you find a particularly profitable one, you can run through it a few times for a quick buck.

If you want to maximize your Scrap payouts, make sure to raise your World Tier and take on quests with larger crowds of enemies. The more enemies you fight, and the tougher they are, the more you’ll rake in at the end.

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