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How to Dismantle Items in Outriders

How to Dismantle Items in Outriders

One common theme among all action RPG loot-based games is a plethora of garbage items. We’re talking about the common and uncommon gear that ends up being your primary source of currency or recycled materials. There’s no shortage of crappy grey and green items in Outriders, and you might be wondering what to do with them. Should you sell them or dismantle them? Well, first, you’ll want to understand what those options mean. Here’s how to dismantle items in Outriders.

How to Dismantle Items in Outriders

Outriders uses an item marking system so that you can bulk edit more than one item at a time. It makes it easier to sell and dismantle things. To dismantle items in Outriders, pull up your inventory and mark your items. Long-press the delete key, or Y on the controller, to dismantle your selections. There’s also an option to ‘quick mark’ items of a specific rarity, which quickly recycles common and uncommon gear.

So, what do you get for dismantling items in Outriders? Dismantling items reward you with resources that depend entirely on the recycled items’ rarity. You can see what rewards you’ll get for dismantling the items after you have them marked. 

Here’s an easy-to-read breakdown on dismantling rewards from weapons and armor in Outriders:

Grey15-20 Scrap10-20 Scrap
Green10-20 Iron20-30 Leather
Blue20-30 Iron40-50 Leather

Please note that you can also receive mods from dismantling blue and above rarity items. When you dismantle gear, the mods on the item are removed and added to your mod library. You can then use these mods to add onto other gear through the crafting station. There’s a symbol next to each item that lets you know whether you have the mod in your library.

Mod Symbol Gear Outriders

So, should you sell items or dismantle them? If you need the mod or the resources, you should dismantle them. Chances are you’ll get more benefit out of selling most things, though, since scrap is an essential resource. You can purchase Titanium later on in the game, so your primary concern is scrap, which is much more useful than iron and leather.

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