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How to Get Release Tokens in The Outlast Trials

Can you afford your release?
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You have been chosen to partake in Murkoff Facility’s experiments and unfortunately you have absolutely no say or ability to opt out of participation. Murkoff plans on changing civilization forever and you are being used as a guinea pig to do so. Regardless of the time you enter the Facility, you will get an itch to escape, likely from the giant Reborn Counter on the wall for those who managed to escape this hellhole. However, is escaping actually possible in The Outlast Trials? Just how much will it cost you to get out of here alive? Yes, your soul and what makes you human may be gone by the time you get out for the only way out is through but it is worth it just for the horror to be at an end. This is Vincent’s guide on how to get Release Tokens in The Outlast Trials.

What are Release Tokens?

Release Tokens are what you need to pay for your freedom in The Outlast Trials. These are rarer goods that are only obtained through completing the trials set by Murkoff Facility. But it is not as simple as that because whilst each trial is dangerous, difficult and long to complete, they will not guarantee the reward of a Release Token. The reason for this is that you must complete all corresponding trials as part of the program in place to transform and alter your character’s biology. The Tokens are used to unlock the exit to Murkoff Facility, which acts as the Rebirth Portal, taking players to another part of The Outlast Trials where the final trial takes place. You need a total of 10 Release Tokens in order to pay for your freedom at the desk beside the exit.

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All of your hard work within the trials is leading up to the point of being Reborn and whilst this sounds like a good thing, the ending implies otherwise. Even the terminology is a little suspicious if you ask me.

How to Get Tokens in The Outlast Trials

Release Tokens can only be obtained through the completion of the full program offered to the patients. You will find that you have a total of 3 Maps to play on, where there are set Assignments and Difficulties for the trial that you should complete, alongside the Final Exam to get your Release Tokens. You will have to complete this multiple times however, in order to gain enough Tokens to use at the exit. Tokens are not rewarded by simply completing one of the trials as part of the program, rather you must hit every part of the program and complete the Final Exam to receive your final grade in order to obtain a Release Token. The Release Tokens will add to your character’s inventory, noted in the Progression Menu upon completing the Final Exam for every Map.

Remember that you will not receive a Release Token as a reward for completing the Assignments and getting a good grade on the Trial. Instead, you must complete all of this alongside the Final Exam for each Map in order to receive a Token per Map. Therefore, you will need to successfully complete the Final Exam (regardless of the Map) 10 times to get enough Tokens to exit and be Reborn.

We hope this answered any questions you may have had about Release Tokens in The Outlast Trials. For more Horror Game content and guides, we have a lot available over at Gamer Journalist. To see all of our related articles, take a look here. As always, thank you for reading this article.

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