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How to Get Reflux in Borderlands 3

How to Get Reflux in Borderlands 3
How to Get Reflux in Borderlands 3

Reflux is a Legendary shotgun by Hyperion that is available in Borderlands 3. This weapon is only available on a specific difficulty and must be farmed from a specific boss in the game. This guide will walk you through how to get Reflux in Borderlands 3, and take an in-depth look at some pros and cons of the weapon itself.

How to Get Reflux in Borderlands 3

  • Weapon: Reflux (Legendary Shotgun)
  • Area: Voracious Canopy, Eden-6
  • Boss: GenIVIV
  • Difficulty: Mayhem 6+

Start out by heading over to Eden-6 on Voracious Canopy. The boss we want to farm for the Reflux is GenIVIV, who’s located all the way at the end of the map. There is also a way point very close to the boss, so be sure to save there so you can have a short walk to GenIVIV.

The Reflux looks like the Brainstormer and functions similarly, however it deals corrosive damage rather than shock damage. When you fire Reflux it creates chains of corrosive damage to all enemies nearby, which do some moderate damage. The weapon shoots 7 bullets at once in a spread that resembles a biohazard symbol.

Overall, the gun is not great when used against solo enemies. However, when you can get the chains active it ends up doing quite a bit of damage. For this reason coupled with the fact there’s not many bosses week to corrosive, it’s not a great weapon for boss fights. It is a fun weapon to use for killing mobs, though.

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