How to Get Raymond as a Villager in Animal Crossing New Horizons

How to get Raymond in Animal Crossing New Horizons

Raymond is one of the most sought after Villagers to get on your island in Animal Crossing New Horizons. Whether it’s due to his snazzy suits and blazers or the ability to put him in maid outfits, we’re not sure. He is one of many villagers you can get to move into your island. This guide will take a look at how to get Raymond onto your island in Animal Crossing New Horizons.

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How to get Raymond in Animal Crossing New Horizons

There are a few different things you can do to go about getting villagers to move onto your island.

  • Find Raymond
  • Trade for Raymond
  • Get Raymond from a friend

The first way to get specific villagers like Raymond for your island is to search for them. You can do this by using Nook Miles Tickets to fly to mysterious islands. There’s a chance you find Raymond camping out on one of these islands randomly, and you can talk with him and tell him to visit your island.

Next, you can get Raymond from one of your friends if he is currently on their island waiting to move in. Your friends will have to basically ignore Raymond until he feels unwanted, during which point you will need to make your move. Head over to your friend’s island when this happens and talk to Raymond. You can form a friendship this way and he will eventually come over to visit your island in the near future.

Finally, it is possible to trade for villagers through online groups and communities like Reddit. We do not really recommend this solution but if you can find someone trustworthy and you are desperate for Raymond, it’s an option. Not to mention, it is far more satisfying to find the villagers yourself.

Those are a few different options you have for how to get Raymond in Animal Crossing New Horizons. I hope this helps you on your journey!

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