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How to get Magnemite Screws in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Put the screws to 'em.
pokemon scarlet violet magnemite
Image via Nintendo/The Pokemon Company

Magnemite is one of the most biologically baffling Pokemon out there, and that is saying something. What kind of creature comes into being with a single monolithic eye, a pair of typical magnets for limbs, and a bunch of screws sticking out of its face? Frankenstein with a missing eyeball, maybe. Well, strange as it is, those materials can be handy. Here’s how to get Magnemite Screws in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

How to get Magnemite Screws in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Magnemite Screws are a material item in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, used in the creation of TMs at a Pokemon Center’s TM Machine. Like all material items, Magnemite Screws are dropped by both Magnemites and their evolved forms, Magneton and Magnezone. Whenever you defeat or catch a wild Magnemite, it’ll drop one or more Magnemite Screws.

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Magnemite Screws are only used in the creation of one TM in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet: Light Screen. Specifically, you need 3 Magnemite Screws, 3 Voltorb Sparks, and 800 LP. If you don’t need or want Light Screen, you can always just trade the Magnemite Screws in at the TM Machine for LP.

Where to Find Magnemite

pokemon scarlet violet magnemite habitat
Image via Nintendo/The Pokemon Company

As the lowest evolutionary form in the chain, Magnemites are easier to find than Magnetons or Magnezones, and are your best source for Magnemite Screws. Magnemites can be found primarily in the vicinity of Levinicia, rather fittingly since that’s the home turf of Electric Gym Leader and Magnemite enthusiast Iono. East Province Area Two and East Province Area Three are your best bets, and while it’s not required for them to spawn, they do show up more frequently when it’s raining.

Magnetons have a low chance of spawning in Glaseado Mountain areas 1 and 2. They can show up in either snowy or non-snowy areas, but their odds of appearing are only around 30%. Magnezones don’t appear in the wild, but they can rarely appear in Tera Raids. If you defeat a Magnezone in a Tera Raid, you’ll get a handful of Magnemite Screws as an extra reward.

Try not to think too hard about where exactly those Magnemite Screws came from. I think I’d be unsettled if I ever stumbled upon a Magnemite with a literal screw loose.

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