How to get Iceburger in Borderlands 3

How to get Iceburger in Borderlands 3

The Legendary Iceburger shotgun is a limited-time weapon exclusive to the Revenge of the Cartels event. You can only find this weapon between April 23 and June 4. This guide shows you how to get Iceburger in Borderlands 3.

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How to get Iceburger in Borderlands 3

  • Weapon: Iceburger
  • Location: Villa Ultraviolet
  • Boss: Roaster, Tenderizer, Joey Ultraviolet

Revenge of the Cartels is a limited-time event that runs from April 23 to June 4, so you have until that date to get your hands on the Iceburger. Borderlands 3 tends to bring weapons back into the game at a later date, so you will likely be able to pick this up again sometime in the future.

First, head over to Sanctuary and speak with Maurice. If you haven’t done this already, he’ll have a sidequest for you where you need to kill glowing enemies. These enemies drop a beacon that spawns cartel enemies. Killing those enemies causes them to drop intel. After collecting 30 intel pieces, you can go back to Maurice and gain access to the portal behind him.

There are different underbosses that spawn in Villa Ultraviolet. You’ll need to kill Roaster, Tenderizer, or Joey Ultraviolet himself to get the Iceburger to drop. Joey Ultraviolet will always be at the bottom of Villa Ultraviolet. The underbosses can spawn in any of the following locations:

The Iceburger is a shotgun, but it has good accuracy and it shoots a beam and burgers out of it. When burgers hit their target, two additional burgers spawn and explode. Burgers have a very small splash radius, so you need to be accurate with them.

Overall, it’s a solid weapon for mobbing but not great for bossing. The damage from the beam is not that high, but the burgers make up for it. It’s definitely a unique weapon and worth giving a try.

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