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How To Get Yellowcake in Borderlands 3

In this guide, we’ll explore how to get Yellowcake in Borderlands 3. The Yellowcake is a limited-time legendary CoV launcher that is only available between April 23 and June 4. This weapon is part of the Revenge of the Cartels seasonal Borderlands 3 event. If you can’t get your hands on it between this date, there will likely be another chance to do so at a later date.

How To Get Yellowcake in Borderlands 3

To get the Yellowcake in Borderlands 3, you will need to go into the Revenge of the Cartels event and defeat any of the following bosses:

  • Tyrone Smallums
  • Joey Ultraviolet

Each of the bosses has a small chance to drop the Yellowcake. To get into the Cartels event, you need to go into Sanctuary and find Maurice. He will have a Revenge of the Cartels quest for you to pick up during which you can go to any map and defeat enemies that are glowing.

Glowing enemies drop beacons that cause Cartel mobs to spawn. The Cartel enemies drop intel that can be turned in to access the portal by Maurice. You will need 30 pieces of intel before proceeding.

Once you get into the event, you will need to kill the three bosses mentioned above, which are Tyrone Smallums, FISH SLAP!, or the main boss Joey Ultraviolet. They can spawn pretty much anywhere on the map, so your best bet is to clear the entire area. Joey Ultraviolet is located down below, and it’s a bit of a difficult fight if you don’t have a good build.

The Yellowcake shoots out one orb that explodes and splits into two orbs that explode and split into four orbs that explode again. Are you still with me? The projectile explodes mid-air, meaning you can time it so that all the explosions hit the same enemy and deal crazy damage.

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