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How to Get Huntress Dream in Remnant 2

Catching those sweet apocalyptic dreams
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Sweet dreams are made of these but to experience the Huntress Dream you will need something to catch them. We are all aware of the Remnant 2 weapon titled the Dreamcatcher at this point but do you know that it has multiple uses? Not only can it be used as weapon with a base damage of 58 and a weakspot damage of 95% but it can also be used to obtain unique consumables. The Dreamcatcher does exactly what it says on the tin, it is the catcher of dreams. With this in mind, players can indulge in unique opportunities to swing the Dreamcatcher in the face of sleeping victims and be rewarded for doing so. But how exactly does the Huntress Dream come into play? This is Vincent’s guide on how to get the Huntress Dream in Remnant 2.

How to Get the Huntress Dream in Remnant 2

As stated in our intro, the Huntress Dream is obtained through the use of the Dreamcatcher. It cannot be obtained any other method. So with that in mind, here is a quick summary on how to get the Dreamcatcher if you do not have it already. For an in-depth guide on the Dreamcatcher, be sure to see here.

  1. Enter the Asylum in Losomn.
  2. Defeat Magister Dullain.
  3. Find the Soulkey Tribute outside the arena, on a corpse where a feeding Nightweaver can be found.
  4. Use the Soulkey Tribute at the Strange Web inside the Asylum.
  5. Inside the Tormented Asylum, start the Head Doctor Quest to find x3 Stone Carved Dolls.
  6. The locations for each Dolls are as follows: Iron Safe Room, Ripsaw (Boss) Arena, and 3rd Floor of the Asylum.
  7. Return to Head Doctor and listen to the melody to get the code – 2971.
  8. Unlock the cell to get the Nightweaver Stone Doll.
  9. Use the Doll on the final Strange Web inside the Tormented Asylum to get the Dreamcatcher.

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Now that you have the Dreamcatcher, you will want to find the sleeping Huntress. Although there are two Huntress Bosses in Remnant 2, the Huntress you want resides in Forsaken Quarter of Losomn. You need to approach the sleeping Huntress and their loyal ride crouched to avoid alerting the Huntress. You will need to stand close to the Huntress and wield the Dreamcatcher. Swing to interact which will award you with the Huntress Dream. Through consuming this, you will be transported to Briella’s Reverie where you can face another Huntress to get either the Venerated Spearhead or Sacred Hunt Feather depending on how you take the fight.

This method with the Dreamcatcher offers a much more peaceful approach and one that saves you a ton of time and ammo as you can sneakily obtain the Dreams to head straight to Briella’s Reverie without actually having to beat the first sleeping Huntress in Losomn.

For more on the latest and upcoming guides on Remnant 2, be sure to check out all the coverage provided by Gamer Journalist at our Remnant 2 section. We hope this guide was helpful to you, thank you for reading.

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