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How To Get Hologram Projector in Tower of Fantasy

Tower of Fantasy just keeps getting better!
Tower of Fantasy is fire!
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Everyone wants to get a hologram projector in Tower of Fantasy, and we know how. Hologram Projector is a SSR Attack Type Relic that makes you even deadlier. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves, though. First things first. Tower of Fantasy is a fantasy adventure (duh). It’s set hundreds of years in the future on the distant planet of Aida. An open-world RPG, anime-infused, sci-fi adventure, it’s developed by Hotta Studio and publisher Level Infinite and will be coming to Steam in Q4, 2022. And we are getting all the best secrets for when it drops last quarter of this year.

The Hologram Projector should be self-explanatory. You project a hologram of the user that synchronously replays the Wanderer’s weapon attacks, dealing 35% of the Wanderer’s damage dealt. Last for 15 seconds. 180-second cooldown.

In other words, you want this. But how do you get it?

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How To Get Hologram Projector in Tower of Fantasy

The Hologram Projector is a relic. Relics can be earned in several different ways throughout the game. Completing Ruin dungeons helps. Also, progressing through the story, or performing side quests can all get you a new relic. The Hologram Projector isn’t unlocked from any of those things, though. It comes from a VERY easy-to-overlook gameplay mechanic called Exploration Rewards.

Exploration Rewards will grant you rare items and gear for completing objectives in the open world. To unlock the Hologram Projector, you must explore the Warren region. Discovering Omnium Towers, Scenic Points, and opening chests for the first time will contribute points to unlock this relic for you. You must earn 1035 Exploration points in the Warren region to unlock the Hologram Projector.

See, not as daunting as you first thought.

Uses for Hologram Projector

Relics can be used for exploration or puzzle solving, but the Hologram Projector will only be used in combat scenarios. This relic will project a hologram of the user that synchronously replays the Wanderer’s weapon attacks, dealing 35 percent of the Wanderer’s damage dealt.

It lasts for 15 seconds and has a 180-second cooldown. This is an extremely powerful relic, especially when it’s been upgraded to the higher tier. It will allow you to deal a lot of damage while keeping you safe from dangerous enemies that will be drawn to your clone.

For that reason alone, the Hologram Projector is very much worth the trouble.

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