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How to get Gum Gum Fruit in Anime Fruit Simulator

Get your hands on this Gum Gum Fruit!
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Anime Fruit Simulator is another anime Roblox experience where players will fight NPCs to get money and diamonds to spend on Fruit and pets. As players fight through the bosses and through the worlds, they will be fusing fruit to unlock powers and abilities. The Gum Gum Fruit is a powerful fruit that players may be after. Here’s how to get the Gum Gum fruit in Anime Fruit Simulator.

How to get the Gum Gum Fruit in Anime Fruit Simulator

Anime Fruit Simulator will have you rolling again and again for fruit to unlock new powers and abilities to wipe out your opponents. You may also find Fruit lying on the ground, ready to be picked up. Gum Gum Fruit can be found in all of these conventional ways, but it is a much rarer fruit.

If you are spinning, Gum Gum Fruit will have merely a 4% chance of being spun, which funnily enough is still relatively common. You shouldn’t snub your nose at the Gum Gum Fruit as it is still powerful, and you’ll be hard pressed finding a rarer one.

You would be a very lucky individual to find a Gum Gum Fruit on the ground. As you progress the game, rarer fruits may spawn on the ground in later zones, but this is not a viable way to hunt for the Gum Gum Fruit.

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How to get Fruit Spins in Anime Fruit Simulator

To spin for the Gum Gum Fruit, you need fruit spins. Without fruit spins, you won’t be able to try your luck at the fruit gacha system. You will start the game with three, but then all you can do is purchase them for Robux, or hunt for them yourself.

Each boss of every zone has a chance of dropping a fruit spin. The chances of every boss drop is located next to each boss on a sign, so read that to see your odds. This means that you can farm bosses to get fruit spins to infinitely farm for Fruits. One day, you’ll get lucky enough to grab a Gum Gum Fruit.

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