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How to Get all Stands in Roblox Stand Proud

Increase your stand collection!
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Stand Proud is a Roblox PvP game inspired by the anime and manga JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure. Players will be going toe-to-toe with their stand’s abilities, doing battle and fighting for dominance and power. There is a huge selection of stands to choose from, and you’ll have to unlock them for more power and strength. Here’s how to unlock all of the stands in Stand Proud.

How to unlock Every Stand in Stand Proud

Below is every stand in Stand Proud, and what it costs to unlock them to play with them.

  • Star Platinum – Free.
  • Crazy Diamond – Free.
  • Soft and Wet – Free.
  • Magician Red – Bought for 7,500 Yen.
  • Emperor – Bought for 7,500 Yen.
  • Cream – Bought for 12,500 Yen.
  • Killer Queen – Bought for 12,500 Yen.
  • Star Platinum The World – Bought for 15,000 Yen.
  • Purple Haze – Bought for 17,500 Yen.
  • Sticky Fingers – Bought for 17,500 Yen.
  • Gold Experience – Bought for 20,000 Yen.
  • White Snake – Bought for 20,000 Yen.
  • King Crimson – Bought for 20,000 Yen.
  • The World – Bought for 20,000 Yen.
  • Star Platinum Part 6 – Bought for 25,000 Yen.
  • Tusk Act 4 – Bought for 30,000 Yen.
  • Blackstar – Requires the gamepass.
  • Demonz – Requires the gamepass.
  • Narci – Requires the gamepass.

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How to get Yen in Stand Proud

Getting Yen is the easy and fun part, but is challenging if you need a lot. Yen is simply given to the player for fighting other players. You’ll gain more Yen for defeating foes, but you simply gain a decent amount for simply playing. Getting stronger and better at the game will net you more Yen quicker, to buy better stands.

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