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How To Get Green Victus XMR in DMZ and Warzone in St. Patricks Event

You only have One-Shot for the end of the Rainbow

The Padraig’s Pandemonium St. Patrick’s Day Event has arrived and with it comes the search for the end of the Rainbow. But why is this? Well for St. Patrick’s Day Activision want you to battle it out in search for the gold at the end of the Rainbow. There is a special Weapon for players to obtain in both Warzone and DMZ Game Modes and across both Ashika Island and Al Mazrah. Those searching will find the invincible Green Victus XMR. With 6 attachments and a unique camo likely to never be seen again. This is our guide on where to find the Green Victus XMR in Modern Warfare 2.

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How to Get the Green Victus XMR in Modern Warfare 2

The Green Victus XMR has a very unique and specific build that warrants this particular Sniper as the best weapon to use in DMZ. With its perfect long-range abilities, high bullet velocity and one-shot capabilities makes this the go to Weapon to find in Warzone and DMZ. Unlike other Weapons in DMZ which are primary common grey loot obtained off enemy AI, the Green Victus XMR is a one of a kind item that will not be available for everyone. Acting as a form of Easter Egg for the Padraig’s Pandemonium St. Patrick’s Day Event, the Green XMR is the perfect Weapon to use in both Warzone and DMZ.

This one-shot Sniper can only be found in specific areas of Ashika Island and Al Mazrah so when you are heading into deployment make sure that you check these places first. Keep in mind however that you cannot exfil with this Weapon as it is Contraband, meaning you will not be able to use under Insured so that you can take it with you into future deployments. Rather this is a one-of-a-kind Weapon only available for the hands of the player for those 25 minutes in the deployment or to use till the end of a Warzone match. Even if you safely exfil with this in hand, you will not have it with you to Insure so it will be an Easter Egg that you will have to obtain time and time again as the St. Patrick’s Event plays out.

Where to Find the One-Shot Easter Egg

For those who want to try this Weapon out for themselves, you will need to go to two particular spots on both Ashika Island and Al Mazrah. These cannot be highlighted in this guide due to the fact that its spawn point is randomized. However there is something you can do to always obtain this Sniper Rifle and that is to follow the Rainbow. The Victus XMR can be found at the end of the Rainbow, so be sure to follow it the instant that you spawn into your deployment. This will be a race to the end of the Rainbow with other Operators as only one spawns in per deployment.

As its spawn point is randomized you need to go to where the Rainbow ends and search the loot container, typically a gold chest to find the Victus. However it can spawn in on its own as floor loot so look out for anything shiny. If the Weapon is underwater it will likely be inside a lootable container. If it is on a building/rooftop, look out for floor loot in the area.

Remember that you whilst you can exfil with the Weapon, you will not get any Blueprint or be able to have it as an Insured Weapon for future deployments. Rather this Green Victus will likely only be around until the end of the Padraig’s Pandemonium Event ends so make sure to get your hands of this rare Weapon so that you can annihilate the lobby. If you are with a full Squad only one of you will be able to pick the Weapon up, so keep that in mind in your search for it.

That was our guide on how to obtain the Green Victus XMR in Warzone 2.0 and DMZ. Thank you so much for reading. We have a lot more content available at Gamer Journalist, from guides to DMZ Missions and error code fixes.

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