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How to Get FriedMind Therapeutics Car in GTA Online

Annihilate everyone on the streets with the Ocelot Virtue
Image via Rockstar North

The Los Santos Drug War continues with its latest update, released on March 16th, 2023, with the continuation of its storyline with Dax. Whilst the 5 Missions for the Last Dose will remain in GTA Online after the Last Dose Week ends, the exclusive items will leave with it. Therefore, players need to start spending that money they have gained through completing the First and Last Dose Missions for the Los Santos Drug Wars. So for those looking to nab themselves a new and great looking Car, you will only have one opportunity to do so. This is our guide on how to unlock the FriedMind Ocelot Virtue in GTA Online.

How to Unlock the FriedMind Ocelot Virtue

The FriedMind Ocelot Virtue is one of the two exclusive vehicles added to the Last Dose Week as an inviting gesture towards the release of the Los Santos Drug War update. Not only can you play through 5 new Missions as part of the Last Dose but, you will be able to purchase the Ocelot Virtue as part of this Limited Time Event. Remember that the Last Dose will stay as part of the latest GTA Online update but you will not be able to purchase these vehicles after a specific date. The specific timeframe in which you will be able to obtain the Ocelot Virtue is between March 16th-April 12th, 2023. Unlike the Willard Eudora which is available for a smaller period of time.

But getting the Ocelot Virtue has some conditions. Firstly, players need to play through and complete all Missions in the Last Dose. So unlike the Eudora, even if you have the money readily available to purchase this exclusive Car you will not be able to due to it being locked away. You also need to complete this Missions as the Host, otherwise it will not count towards the unlocking of the Virtue. Once completed however, you will unlock the Virtue but only as a reward offered by Isiah Friedlander himself. Therefore this vehicle is Friedlander’s Car and not something you can purchase through the Autos Shop. Hence why the exclusive vehicle is available for a longer period of time to unlock in comparison to the Eudora.

How to Buy the Ocelot Virtue

The Ocelot Virtue is available for purchase but only for GTA+ members. With a subscription of $5.99 a month, players will be able to get these vehicles at a faster rate than those who are simply playing GTA Online without the membership. For GTA+ members, the Virtue can be purchased at the Legendary Motorsport. With its starting price of $2,980,000 and reduced to $2,235,000 upon completing the final Last Dose Mission titled BDKD.

That was our guide on how to unlock the FriedMind Ocelot Virtue in GTA Online. We hope this was helpful and thank you for reading our guides. We have more GTA Online content readily available at Gamer Journalist if you are interesting in reading more from us.

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