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How to Get Willard Eudora in GTA Online

You look well 'ard in the Willard
Image via Rockstar North

Bring back that Vintage feel with the new Willard Eudora. The Los Santos Drug War continues, with its latest update hitting our screens on March 16th, 2023. Upon completing the First Dose Missions for the Drug Wars storyline, players are now able to visit Last Dose, with 5 new Missions being added to the roster. Keep in mind however that the Last Dose is set to last as a Limited Time Event from March 16th to March 29th, 2023, meaning that its exclusive items will no longer be available. So get in there quick before you miss out on this Event. Wondering how to obtain one of the new vehicles, the Willard Eudora in GTA Online? This guide has you covered.

How to Unlock the Willard Eudora

The Willard Eudora does not have any specific rules or requirements for you to hit unlike other Video Games. Instead, this vehicles comes as part of the Last Dose package, where players will be able to purchase the Eudora through Southern San Andreas Super Autos. But keep in mind that this will only be purchasable at this Autos Shop via the dates March 16-29th 2023. After which the vehicle will no longer be available for purchase. This is an exclusive vehicle as part of the Last Dose Week Event. Previously Events for GTA Online have provided players with exclusive, limited time only vehicles for players to purchase until the clock runs out.

The pricing of the Willard Eudora is $1,250,000, a hefty price to pay for those who do not have a steady income of cash. However, this vehicle will not return after Last Dose Week ends on March 29th, 2023. So being one of two new exclusive vehicles available for purchase, better start saving or you will miss out on rocking this Vintage American Car.

How to Get Money Fast in GTA Online

Some of the best ways of obtaining money fast in GTA Online is to complete Heists. These offer large sums as rewards which makes perfect sense for its setting. Alternatively, completing both First and Last Dose Missions in preparation to purchase the exclusive vehicles will help tremendously if you are not someone who has a lot of cash readily available when these Events hit.

That was our guide on how to unlock the Willard Eudora. Thank you for reading. If you are looking for other GTA Online guides, we have more available at Gamer Journalist.

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