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How to Get Deterministic Chaos Exotic in Destiny 2

If we are about to ensue chaos, it might as well be deterministic.

New and powerful weapons are a great combination for the content hungry player. Yes, today we will talk about one of those, and it is a very powerful machine gun. That’s my favorite type of weapon, so I’m doubly happy. However, getting it won’t be as easy as you might think. Or maybe you did think it was difficult to get. In that case, you are completely right. Well, here we go! Here is how to get the Deterministic Chaos exotic in Destiny 2.

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How to Get Deterministic Chaos Exotic in Destiny 2

Talk about a powerful Void Exotic machine gun. The Deterministic Chaos is just beautiful to look at, and well, also terrifying to look at depending on your perspective. It packs a fantastic punch indeed, and, in order to get it, you will have to complete the Lightfall campaign first. Afterward, you will unlock several other missions for you to complete. One of them is the Unfinished Business quest, which will give you the Deterministic Chaos as a reward. Continue reading to know how to complete the Unfinished Business quest.

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How to Complete Unfinished Business Quest

Travel to the Hall of Heroes and, after a short cutscene, talk to Nimbus again, who appears to travel faster than light for some reason. I mean, he just gave us the mission! Anyway, you will be tasked with collecting Cipher Qubits from defeated Vex in order to extract five resources called Cloud Accretion. These are shiny crystal shards that need some data extraction. You will need 8 Cipher Qubits for each of the five Cloud Accretion. Then, head to Maya’s Retreat, located past the caves on Liming Harbor. Whenever you retrieve some data, you will be visited by a hoard of Vex, so take care of them while you extract the data. Once you finish, go to Nimbus and Osiris at the Radiosonde, back in Liming Harbor.

Thanks to the information, you will be asked to tackle the Thrilladrom Lost Sector to find a Vex compass that is found inside the final chest. Follow the directions to the marked spot on the map, which is a building. Jump to the upper platform, down the vent. First, you will tackle Vex in a very tight space and a boss (use heavy weaponry). Then you will have to defeat 100 Shadow Legion enemies. You can do this fast by taking part of a Terminal Overload event. Once finished, head to the Typhon Imperator by following your HUD marker. After arriving, defeat the Cabal and collect the Seed of Silver Wings on the platforms on the sides. Go back to Nimbus, and he will give you the Rohan’s Passkey to start the “What Remains” exotic mission.

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What Remains Exotic Mission

The What Remains mission is really straightforward. Arrive at the Black Garden and defeat the enemies there. Then, shoot the Vex Conflux Cubes. Head through a jumping puzzle and arrive at the Undergrowth. Defeat Minotaurs and pick up the Arc Craniums to shoot down the reflective surface near the Shielded Conflux Cubes. You will then arrive at the Embrace and pick up your Deterministic Chaos. Use it to finish the mission by destroying the remaining enemies and the Conceptual Mind Hydra boss. Get back to Nimbus in the Hall of Heroes to finish the quest. Enjoy your brand-new Deterministic Chaos!

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