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How To Get Cloth In Rust

How To Get Cloth In Rust

You can find a few different natural resources in the world of Rust, and cloth is one of them. It’s an essential resource in the game, primarily to craft low-level weapons, sleeping bags, bandages, clothing, and armor. You may also need to stock up on it to craft Low-Grade Fuel and Syringes. Regardless of what you’re trying to craft, you will certainly need a steady supply of cloth. Here are the three primary ways for how to get cloth in Rust.

How To Get Cloth In Rust

Here are the three main ways to get cloth in Rust:

  • Collect Hemp Fibers
  • Skin Animals
  • Recycle Materials

Collect Hemp Fibers

The easiest way to get cloth in Rust is by collecting Hemp Fibers. You can find these green fibrous plants near any riverbed in the grassy areas of the map. You can walk up to these plants and use your interact key to pick the fibers. A fully grown Hemp Fiber plant will yield you 10 Cloth, but less mature plants may produce less than that, as low as 2. When you harvest Hemp Fibers, you can also get Hemp Seeds. You can plant these in any suitable terrain to grow your Hemp Fibers. A good practice is planting Hemp Seeds around your base to ensure you always have a supply. Watch out for those pesky thieves, though!

A more advanced player might take some Hemp Seeds and combine Tarp and Wood to craft a Small Planter Box. Place the Planter Box in a spot that’s inaccessible to outsiders, and plant the Hemp Seeds in there, so they don’t get stolen. As long as you set up your Planter Box outdoors, they will get enough sunlight and water to grow automatically. It’s also possible to do this indoors, but you will need some lightning and a way to water them, which is an even more advanced technique.

Skin Dead Animals

Another easy noob-friendly way to get cloth in Rust is by killing animals. Any animal will net you some, but there are certainly ways to optimize this process. After killing an animal, you can hit it with your stone to gather some cloth, leather, animal fat, bone fragments, and meat. Destroying the animal carcass with a bone knife will yield more cloth than using a rock, so try that instead.

How To Get Cloth in Rust Skin Dead Animals

Recycle Materials

The final and most efficient way to get cloth in Rust is by using the recycler. It’s also the most dangerous technique, though. You can find recyclers at towns and points of interest on the map. Place any item that contains cloth in the recycler, such as clothing, rope, tarps, rugs, and so on. Throw these items in the recycler and turn on the machine. In a minute or two, you’ll have more than enough.

How to Get Cloth - Recycler

You can use any of these three techniques to get cloth in Rust on any map. It is one of the more basic things to learn, but very important nonetheless.

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