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How to get Candy in Roblox Adopt Me Halloween Update

How to get Candy in Roblox Adopt Me Halloween Update

A new Halloween Update is underway to celebrate the new season in Adopt Me. There are five new pets you can obtain, four of which require Halloween Candy to purchase. Cerberus is the main attraction, which costs 500 Robux. You might be wondering how to get Candy in Roblox Adopt Me Halloween Update. We will show you exactly what you need to do to collect your Candy and buy new pets.

How to get Candy in Roblox Adopt Me Halloween Update

To get Candy in the Roblox Adopt Me Halloween Update, you can speak with the Headless Horseman and participate in minigames like Pumpkin Smash and Spirit Showdown. The Halloween Event is active for two weeks, and talking with the Headless Horseman every day is an easy way to get Candy. Here’s a breakdown of how to earn Candy:

  • Headless Horseman
  • Minigames
  • Robux

Headless Horseman

The Headless Horseman is a mysterious in-game character you can visit and speak to every day of the Halloween Event for free Candy. Talking with the character gets you a free 200 Candy every day, so do this each day for 2,800 Candy in total. 

Minigames: Pumpkin Smash and Spirit Showdown

Pumpkin Smash and Spirit Showdown are two new minigames introduced in the Adopt Me Halloween Update. You will receive an in-game notification periodically when each of the events starts. 

Spirit Showdown is a team-based game where you can use your backpacks to catch ghosts, like Ghostbusters! Run around and search for ghosts until you have enough and have to fight the Ghost Boss. The Ghost Boss can attack you, so be careful, or you will get frozen in place. After completing the event, you’ll earn some free Candy.

Pumpkin Smash is another event you can participate in near the Spirit Showdown Event and Halloween Shop. The objective of this game is to run around and smash pumpkins by running into them. You can earn a free Pumpkin Pet for completing the minigame, along with some free Candy.


Lastly, you can purchase Candy directly with Robux. Go to the shop near the Headless Horseman to pull up the buy menu. You can also click on the Candy Corn icon on the top right of your screen. There are several bundles available, including:

  • 20 Robux: 200 Candy
  • 80 Robux: 800 Candy
  • 300 Robux: 3000 Candy
  • 600 Robux: 7500 Candy
  • 1200 Robux: 16000 Candy
  • 3500 Candy: 50000 Candy

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