How to Get Bamboo in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

This guide will show you where to find Bamboo, Bamboo Stalks, Bamboo Shoots, and everything Bamboo related in Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

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The only way to get Bamboo at the moment is to get lucky by discovering it on a resource island. It will take you numerous mystery island attempts to find the island containing an abundance of Bamboo.

Once you do get lucky and find the island, you will want to dig up Bamboo Shoots, as seen in the image below. You can plant these at your island and they will grow into Bamboo.

You will also want to eat the fruit you find on the island so you can dig up full-grown Bamboo Trees. Grab as many full-grown Bamboo Trees as you can fit on you, so you can bring these back home and plant them.

When you harvest the Bamboo Trees on your own island you will want to use a Flimsy Axe or Stone Axe. Using a Metal Axe will completely knock down the Bamboo Tree and it will not regrow.

Make sure to plant the Bamboo Shoots on your island, and be sure not to eat them by accident, otherwise, they will be gone.

The other options for finding Bamboo is to steal some from your friend’s island. So in conclusion, the only way to get Bamboo is to get very lucky and find the Resource Island with all the Bamboo Trees.

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