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How To Get and Use Bubbul Gems in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

He's Bubbul Mad!
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‘The Hunt for Bubbul Gems’ is on and players will find good use for these Gems even though for Link these provide absolutely no power or aid in battle. These mysterious Gems dropped by Bubbulfrogs can be used to barter with, but only at a very specific shop and upon starting the Quest ‘The Hunt for Bubbul Gems!’ If you are wondering what these Gems are used for or struggling to find them, this is Vincent’s guide on where to find and use Bubbul Gems in Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

Bubbul Gems Guide for Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

Bubbul Gems are one of those raw materials you will come across and wonder, “well what is this for?” and interestingly its use is a source of power and transformation for Koltin. You may remember his brother, Kiltin who worked as a merchant in Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Both are present in Tears of the Kingdom and have a rather unique assignment for Link to complete. Koltin is looking to transform himself into the legendary creature of Satori, to become a true warrior of the land (with reasons likely being to pull some women). But to transform, he needs many Bubbul Gems. To find these, you will need to locate and kill Bubbulfrogs.

To find these brothers however, you need to head all the way to Woodland Stable and head to the back of the campsite, towards the lake area. The brothers can be found at the back of the lake where a Hot Balloon style cart can be seen with Kiltin hanging out next to it. If you begin at Lookout Landing, head East, all the way past Raru Settlement Ruins and eventually into Woodland Stable.

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The first Bubbul Gem can be found on the Bubbulfrog inside the Pico Pond Cave, close to the brothers location. Bubbulfrogs reside in Caves, where utilizing the Bow and Arrows to take these guys out will offer you a Bubbul Gem as the dropped item reward for killing them. These Gems are predominately found inside Caves and if you visit Koltin, you will get a general location for the next Bubbulfrog however if you regularly do spelunking, you are bound to meet Bubbulfrogs in your own exploration.

Do Bubbul Gems Respawn?

You require many Bubbul Gems as part of the Quest to turn Koltin into a Satori. The Quest you should refer to is ‘The Search for Koltin’ in which he will regularly disappear into the wild in search for more Bubbul Gems for his transformation. It is best to stack up on Bubbul Gems before visiting Koltin as he requires a different amount with every visit. You will get cosmetic items such as Robes, Masks and Armor as you keep handing Gems to Koltin.

As these Gems are attached to Bubbulfrogs, you will not be able to farm these creatures for their Bubbul Gems. This Quest acts as something to do alongside the Story Quests where you can stock up on the Gems by killing Bubbulfrogs in their natural habitats of Caves and locate Koltin throughout your journey to barter with him. Because of this, the Bubbulfrogs and their dropped item of the Gems do not respawn, so if you are looking to stock up, make spelunking your main hobby when exploring the land.

Where to Find Koltin Throughout this Quest

Keep in mind that Koltin can only be found at nighttime. Whilst the map will point you towards the vicinity in which Koltin has set up shop, we highly recommend going to the nearest Tower and Supergliding off to survey the area. You should see his strange shop as it glows in the night sky. Look for Koltin atop hills and mountains.

That was our Bubbul Gem guide for Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. Looking for other Tears of the Kingdom guides? We have a lot more available, plus more incoming soon on Tears of the Kingdom, so be sure to check out Gamer Journalist.

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