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How to Get a Perfect Park in You Suck at Parking

Everyone wants to be perfect.
You Suck at Parking Perfect Park
Image via Happy Volcano

Happy Volcano’s latest release, You Suck at Parking is a beautiful little indie darling that serves up some very hectic gameplay that has players relying on their minds and reflexes. It’s just as much a game of strategy as it is a game of action. Tasking players with parking their cars as best they can in the narrow parking spots strewn throughout its difficult courses, it isn’t always an easy feat to get your cars parked perfectly.

The game knows this, of course, and rewards persistent players who actually do manage to get a Perfect Park on each and every level across the game. Today, we’ll explain how to get a Perfect park and why you should even worry about getting them in the first place.

How to Get a Perfect Park in You Suck at Parking

Getting a Perfect Park isn’t something that is going to be easily attainable, especially once you begin to get further into the game. When it comes to getting a Perfect Park, the only way to obtain it on a course is to not use any more cars than there are parking spots on a level.

If done correctly, you’ll turn each parking spot gold with a little crown in the middle. It’s kind of a “First tryyyyy” scenario. I found that utilizing the game’s quick restart button is great when you’re pursuing Perfect Parks as it restarts everything incredibly quickly, thus making the try and fail process a bit smoother to maneuver.

As far as the “why”, behind collecting Perfect Parks for each course, doing so comes with some great rewards. The first is a large bundle of XP if you manage to Perfect Park on every course within a level. The first level, The Carwash, will grant you 2,500 XP alone for a Perfect Park on every one of its courses. XP allows you to level up, thus allowing you to unlock sweet customization options for your car. Additionally, getting Perfect Parks also allows you to unlock the Mastery Islands which will really put your skills to the test with new challenges to master and give you the chance to earn even more rewards.

That’s all there is to know when it comes to getting a Perfect Park in You Suck at Parking and why it’s important. It’s a fun thing to strive to attain and comes with some great incentives to keep trying over and over to get them.

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