How To Get A 5 Star Island Rating in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

This guide will cover how to get your island to a 5-star rating in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. You may be wondering what you can do to improve your rating, and we will show you some helpful tips and tricks you can use to do so.

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How To Get A 5 Star Island Rating in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

You can follow the steps below to improve your island’s rating:

  • Have the maximum amount of villagers
  • Have the right amount of flowers, trees, and fences
  • Upgrade existing buildings and add more shops
  • Have furniture on display
  • Keep your island clean

Have the maximum amount of villagers

The maximum amount of villagers you can have on your island is ten. Having this number of villagers contributes directly to your island’s rating, so you want to be sure you have ten at all times.

To go from two to five, you will need Nook’s Cranny and the Museum unlocked. Upgrading Resident Services will also allow you to attract more villagers.

Have the right amount of flowers, trees, and fences

You will want your island to have the right balance of trees, flowers, fences, and furniture on display. Place the fences in areas that make sense to make your island look neat and organized. We find a good number of fences to be around 250.

Planting too many trees or chopping down too many trees will negatively affect your island’s rating. Make sure you have a good balance of trees and flowers.

Upgrade existing buildings and add more shops

Make sure to add all available shops to your island and upgrade them whenever possible. Attracting more businesses to your island is something Isabelle will recommend to you. Interact with the traveling business owners like Kicks, Saharah, and Flick and CJ. Become friends with them and they will want to do business with you.

Have furniture on display

To get your island to a 5-star rating, you want to pay attention to your furniture placement. Isabelle will guide you on where to place furniture, so be sure to listen to her opinion. When she stops offering you advice, you probably have enough furniture in that area. Try to aim for the following items to increase your rating:

  • 70 pieces of DIY Furniture
  • 20 Furniture (Miles)
  • 65 Furniture (Nook’s Cranny)
  • 250 Fences

Some DIY furniture you can create would be the Classic Pitcher, Drying Rack, Hay Bed, Bamboo Car Stop, Iron Garden Chair, Log Stakes, and Rustic Stone.

Keep your island clean

Furniture should be placed around your island evenly. Be sure to consult with Isabelle to understand where things should be placed in regards to store-bought furniture and crafted furniture. Fences should be placed evenly in different areas. Having a clean looking aesthetically pleasing island is what you should aim for. Make your visitors want to live there.

Remove weeds, no matter how pretty they might look. Having a weed-infested island will likely bring down your rating. Doing this is also a good way to earn some Nook Miles.

5-Star Island Rewards

You will be rewarded for your efforts when your island reaches a 5-star rating. The first thing you’ll get is the Golden Watering Can recipe from Isabelle. Next, you’ll find rare flowers called Lilies of the Valley start growing around your new 5-star island.

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