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How to fuse fruit in Anime Fruit Simulator

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Anime Fruit Simulator is the collector simulator inspired by One Piece, where players will be collecting fruits to defeat NPCs for more power and coins. Each fruit comes with its own move set, and the more powerful your fruit, the more abilities that you can unlock. Fusing your fruit is the only way to unlock more powers. Here is how to fuse your fruit in Anime Fruit Simulator.

How to fuse fruit in Anime Fruit Simulator

Anime Fruit Simulator has a huge variety of fruit for you to spin or pick up. Unlike other One Piece games, as you get new fruit, you don’t replace your old one. Instead, you keep collecting all of the fruit and you get to keep them. This not only allows you to switch between fruit abilities, but it allows you to fuse your fruit to make them stronger.

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To fuse fruit in Anime Fruit Simulator, you need to first reach Zone 3. Upon reaching Zone 3, you can click on the fuse button on the left of your screen. You’ll be met with a menu that displays all of your current fruit. You’ll need three fruits of the same type selected, then you can click ‘fuse’ to consume those fruit to make one level 2 fruit.

You need three level 1 fruit to make one level 2 fruit, and you need three level 2 fruit to make one level 3 fruit. You cannot fuse higher than level 3, as all of the moves will have been unlocked, as each new level brings one new move. To get a max level fruit, you’ll need to fuse a total of nine fruits.

With your improved fruit selected, you can experiment with the new move gained.

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