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All Field Skills in One Piece Odyssey

There's no rocket like a Gum-Gum Rocket.
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Many times throughout their journeys, the Straw Hats have had to get themselves out of a variety of strange and silly situations with nothing but their skills and wits. It’s this constant danger that has birthed in them a vast and mildly-bizarre array of pseudo-practical skills. Here are all the Field Skills in One Piece Odyssey.

All Field Skills in One Piece Odyssey

In One Piece Odyssey, in addition to every playable character’s array of combat skills, they also have their own unique Field Skills, usable while traveling around Waford and the realms of Memoria. These skills allow them to break down barriers, sniff out valuable items, and reach locations that would otherwise be unreachable.

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After the members of the team have their abilities taken away by Lim, some of these abilities will be inaccessible, but they’ll gradually return to you as you progress through the main story, after which you can use them freely. Even without their signature Field Skills, every character has a basic object-breaking ability for smashing objects and breaking down weak walls. Luffy punches things, Sanji kicks things, Usopp shoots things, and so on.

Luffy’s Field Skills

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Image via ILCA/Bandai Namco

Luffy has probably the most practical skills of all the Straw Hats, which is why you’ll usually be playing as him while you explore. By pressing the Y button, you can activate Luffy’s Observation Haki, allowing you to scan your immediate vicinity for hidden items and high-experience enemies.

Additionally, with the trigger buttons, you can switch to a first-person view and sling Luffy’s stretchy arms. This can be used to grab items from a distance, as well as use grapple points to launch yourself with Gum-Gum Rocket. This is handy for both reaching distant platforms and just quickly jumping to the top of climbables like vines and ladders.

Zoro’s Field Skills

Being the master swordsman he is, Zoro has the ability to slice through objects that would otherwise be too strong for the other Straw Hats. With Zoro’s strength, you can break down iron doors blocking your path, as well as break open otherwise-impenetrable iron chests full of rare loot.

Usopp’s Field Skills

As the Straw Hat’s resident sniper, if the problem’s at a range, he can handle it. Using the trigger buttons, Usopp can take aim with his slingshot, Kuro Kabuto, and shoot down loose or dangling objects. If you ever see something sparkly out of your reach, Usopp can shoot it down.

Additionally, after you’ve progressed a bit, you’ll unlock the Usopp Factory, a pause menu function wherein you can use collected materials to craft Trick Balls. After you make them in the field, they can then be deployed against enemies in combat.

Nami’s Field Skills

Nami’s got a natural nose for anything money-related, be it loose change or valuable artifacts. Using her natural Treasure Sensor, you can sniff out loose cash in the field that would otherwise be hidden from sight.

Sanji’s Field Skills

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Despite what his demeanor may occasionally imply, Sanji is a certified five-star chef, and has a keen eye for the culinary ways. Similarly to Nami’s Treasure Sensor, Sanji’s Cook’s Nose allows him to track down loose ingredients in the field.

Later on, you’ll unlock another menu function, Sanji’s Kitchen. Here, you can use ingredients you’ve found to prep various dishes for restoring health, healing ailments, and buffing stats.

Chopper’s Field Skills

Chopper is the crew’s doctor, though surprisingly, that doesn’t come into play that much outside of combat. Luckily, he’s got another trick up his proverbial sleeve: his small stature. Thanks to his little body, Chopper can slip into low and narrow passageways that the human members of the crew can’t enter.

Robin’s Field Skills

Robin is an incredibly knowledgeable archeologist, able to piece together the origins and histories of just about anything at a glance. If you’re playing as her, you can use her Archaeologist Appraisal to get more information on particular items and landmarks around you. Additionally, after you’ve progressed a bit, you’ll unlock Robin’s Mystery Craft, allowing you to fuse your Accessories together.

Franky’s Skills

Franky may just be the crew’s shipwright, but he’s also a genius-level inventor and engineer. As long as he’s got the materials nearby, he can build bridges in the field, as well as a set of stairs out of thin air! Would you believe this isn’t even the first time he’s had to do that?

Brook’s Skills

Unfortunately, Brook joins the party very late in the game, so he doesn’t get to show off any unique field abilities. It’s just as well; a musician isn’t exactly the most practical crew member anyway, and he’s better in the thick of a fight.

Remember, you can change characters at any time in the field (barring plot-critical moments) by pressing left or right on the D-pad! If you need someone’s help, they’re always close at hand.

As you continue your search for romance in One Piece Odyssey, be sure to check out our guides on how to cross the desert and the combat system. Visit our Facebook page as well for more news and guides.

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