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How to Fly a Jackal in Call of Duty: Mobile

A Jackal is a rewarding new vehicle for players that take the time to get comfortable with it.
CoD Mobile Jackal

Call of Duty: Mobile has seen an exciting new update, Season 6: To The Skies. Not only does the update bring back a favorite MW2 map, Favela, but a new vehicle to utilize in the Battle Royale portion of its gameplay. The Jackal, a new jet to fly around with in Battle Royale adds just another layer to its ever-changing gameplay. Let’s explain how to fly a Jackal in Call of Duty: Mobile so that you can take to the skies like a pro.

How to Fly a Jackal in Call of Duty: Mobile

CoD Mobile Jackal Jet

There’s more than meets the eye when it comes to piloting a Jackal. It’s not just something that’s going to take you from point A to B in a quick manner. It has various weapons and tactical gear that can really give you the chance to turn the tide of battle in your favor and possibly give you a BR win.

Locating A Jackal

Flying a jackal is actually a pretty easy feat. Finding one on the other hand can be quite a task. Though you can easily spot them on your map as a new jet icon at the various landing strip locations, getting to one before another player is really what is going to cause the most headaches as there are only a few that spawn within a match. Once you find one, it’s not too difficult to get used to its controls tough.


A really interesting aspect about the Jackals is that they can actually hold up to 2 players; a pilot and a passenger. Unfortunately, passengers don’t actually get to do anything but hope the pilot knows what they’re doing but it’s cool that you can take someone with you nonetheless.

Weapons and Tech

When it comes to actually flying one of these things, there are various tools at your disposal but luckily, the controls are all pretty easy to use and it’s a smooth ride. As for weapons/tactical equipment, you have an Automatic Cannon that fires explosive rounds, Missiles that can highlight enemy vehicles, Flares that block enemy Jackal missiles, an Accelerator that allows for your Jackal to pick up more speed, and Brakes/Landing Gear for when you have to slow your Jackal and land it.


CoD Mobile Jackal Flight

All of these various actions are handled through the on-screen actions and are laid out in a perfect way for easy navigation. All of the controls have been marked above but their icons do a good job of indicating exactly what they do. It’s also important to note that while the missiles have a cooldown, the automatic cannon does not. Alternatively, you can use a controller to interact with these actions via your button presses.

As far as movement controls go, this is the smoothest aircraft you may find in a Call of Duty title. It’s smooth and extremely easy to pick up on. I’d try mastering its flying before focusing too hard on aerial combat at first. If you do find yourself in a conflict that you can’t seem to get out of, there’s an eject button that allows you to get out of the jet and escape.

It’s a surprisingly easy experience, flying a Jackal, and now you know how to! It’s a rewarding process that can take some getting used to but it’s well worth it when you get to utilize its weapons and traveling advantages. Time to dominate the playing field!

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