How to Fix Remnant 2 Explorer Bug

The vanishing Armor Set
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Having officially released July 25th, 2023, it is quite impressive that this game which is a primarily consumed as a co-op experience had little to absolutely no flaws. But every good thing eventually comes to an end and the inevitable cracks begin to show in its gameplay and performance. Whilst games that are bigger than life, with the largest budget possible and developer name to back up its hype, these often house performance issues and bugs immediately upon its full release. The same however, cannot be said for Remnant 2 which until July 31st, 2023, was performing incredibly well and finally felt like a game perfect of next gen gaming. But in the instances of bugs, Remnant 2 has one bug that appears across the playerbase – the case of the vanishing Explorer Archetype Armor. This is Vincent’s guide on how to fix the Explorer bug.

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How to See the Realmwalker Explorer Armor in All its Glory in R2

Remnant 2’s newest and perhaps first official bug of the game stems from a specific Archetype Armor Set completely vanishing off the face of the Earth. Whilst those wanting to experience every aspect of Remnant 2 are not too pleased about this bug feature, it is the actual Armor that houses the primary concern of those with the Explorer Archetype. It is the Armor given to those who obtain the Golden Compass by defeating the final boss in the Remnant 2 campaign. Using the Compass to create the Engram which many will be used to doing at this point with Wallace, the Explorer is unlocked and the Armor Set should show from here.

With its high agility stats naturally built into the Archetype as offered by the Armor, it is to no surprise that those who have done all of the hard work to get this specific Archetype are disappointed by the result. The Realmwalker in particular is supposed to be available via the Armor Vendor in Ward 13 – Whispers. But as there is currently no way of seeing the Armor Set inside the vendor’s stock, you will want to try some specific steps to get the Realmwalker to make its appearance in Remnant 2’s Ward 13.

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Realmwalker Explorer Bug Fix

Although a Dev for Remnant 2 has come forward with a fix for this specific bug, set to release for the upcoming patch, those who are looking for a quick fix should attempt these steps firstly to see if the Realmwalker Armor makes an appearance in their playthrough:

  • Reroll the Campaign offline (Campaign progress; including the World Level, Quests and Dungeons).
  • Set difficulty to Survivor.
  • Clear the third biome and get to the final boss of the Campaign.
  • Do not defeat the final boss.
  • Do not speak to Clementine or Keeper.
  • Fast travel back to Ward 13 and visit Whispers for the Armor.
  • Make sure that you watch the credits in its entirety to ensure that the Campaign in completed.

That was our suggestions to fix the Explorer bug in Remnant 2. Remember that this is not a guaranteed fix as you will have to wait for the next patch for the game for a sure fix for this bug. For more Remnant 2 content, be sure to see all GJ guides written here.

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