How to solve Tower of the Unseen puzzle in Remnant 2

You'll need to do a lot of backtracking to get everything in this dungeon
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Players will find a great deal of brain teasing puzzles in Remnant 2. Some will ask you to find numbers highlighted on walls, others might just need to you figure your way around some rooms. The latter is going to be the focus for our guide today. In N’Erud, there is a side dungeon residing in an enormous tower, one that isn’t as simple as walking straight up it. Partway through the dungeon, there’s some obstacles you’ll need to get past in order to complete it. We’re going to go up an elevator and figure out how to solve Tower of the Unseen puzzle in Remnant 2.

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How to solve Tower of the Unseen puzzle in Remnant 2

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The puzzle in the Tower of the Unseen puts your puzzle-thinking skills to the test once you reach the second checkpoint. From there, you’ll notice a door with an interactable object to the left of the resting spot. This item, called the Stellar-Powered Cell, is your only way of getting through this puzzle. There are multiple within this area, and by grabbing them, the door it’s connected to will close. You’ll need a Stellar-Powered Cell anytime you want to open a door like this without one already connected. Players will need to take the first cell and immediately turn back around from the checkpoint. Navigate up the ramp on the other side and continue down the walkway until you reach a closed door. Insert the item and pass through the door.

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This room has another locked door at the end of of the tunnel and an elevator in the middle of it. Take the elevator up, and dispatch the enemies in this new room. You’ll then want to make your way through the left doorway, turn left, and walk all the way up the ramp. Jump across the gap at the top of the ramp and start making your way down these new ramps. When you get about halfway down the ramp, you’ll see another door that requires a powered cell to enter.

At the bottom, you’ll find a door that opens into a new area. One that has a powered cell in the door at the left side of the room. Take the cell and backtrack halfway back up the ramp you came into this room from. Use it on this door and take this elevator all the way down. Time for a boss fight.

Remnant 2 – How to Open the final locked door in Tower of the Unseen

After defeating the boss of this dungeon, you’ll notice a red door on the left side of the room. This door is connected to a cell slot behind the large statue in the middle of the arena. In order to open this door, you need to go back up the elevator, and grab the last cell you inserted into a door. It may seem like you just locked yourself out of returning to the door, but we have an alternate way of getting down there.

Go down the stairs and use the elevator at the bottom. When you get to the bottom of this elevator, send it back up, but make sure you’re not on it. Under it there’s a hole you can jump into, and when getting to the bottom of it, you’ll be back in the boss arena. Only this time, you’re behind the statue, allowing you to insert the powered cell and enter the final locked door of the dungeon.

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