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How to Fix Molten Overload Not Working in Destiny 2

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Image via Bungie

With the release of Season of the Haunted in Destiny 2, the new Artifact Mod Molten Overload is used by almost everyone. Granting the ability to deal with Overload Champions, arguably the most annoying Champion with ease, with just a solar grenade, it’s no wonder why many Guardians flock to this mod. Having fusion grenades equipped, Overload champions stay stunned long enough to defeat easily. Though this is a double-edged sword, as the mod is great…when it works. More often than not, guardians throw a solar grenade at a Champion, with little results. Sometimes this can be player error, and sometimes this can be Bungie’s fault. It’s a shame, as the new Solar 3.0 subclass update is perfect for this mod. Here are some ways to fix this issue should readers encounter this bug, as well as seeing if Bungie will adress this.


Sometimes the best option is the simplest one. Restarting your instance of Destiny 2 should eliminate any problems with Molten Overload. Just be careful when you restart. Leaving a Gambit or Crucible match could possibly lead to you getting a timeout from the activity. And with Grandmasters, there is a low chance you can get back in, leading to no rewards for the activity. The best time to restart is in a social space such as the Tower or the H.E.L.M.

Make sure the mod is equipped.

With all the build options for each subclass, it’s a common mistake to equip armor meant for another build. Should guardians find their Solar grenades ineffective against Overload Champions, a simple error may be the problem. Just check your class item, more often than not the mod simply isn’t equipped. Similarly, make sure the Molten Overload mod is bought from the artifact.

The Seasonal Artifact, with Molten Overload highlighted
Image Via Bungie

Reset your Artifact

For one reason or another, often the solution to buggy mods is to reset your artifact. Doing so won’t lose any progression in unlocking the seasonal mods. Resetting simply refreshes the selections you’ve made, allowing players to get a second chance at equipping different mods if they haven’t unlocked them already. The only downside is that refreshing costs Glimmer, the more you refresh the more Glimmer it costs. For those who haven’t reset yet this isn’t a problem. However the same can’t be said for those who continually refresh the artifact mod.

Equip Overload Rounds

Sometimes the best solution is to have a backup plan. Overload Rounds can be used by Auto Rifles and SMGs, a great alternative. When it comes to end game content such as Grandmaster Nightfalls and Raids, it’s best not to rely on Molten Overload too much. The last thing anyone wants is for the mod to bug at the wrong time. More often than not this leads to player death, then restart of the activity. With Overload Rounds, this relives that problem.

Wait for Bungie’s Response

There has been no official response from Bungie. Though that does not mean the studio has not listened. As of July, the mod has been patched, and should be working properly.

While Molten Overload is a great choice for Champions, be wary. The mod still has the potential to bug out. Should it not work in your game, simply try the suggestions shown above.

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