How to fix Warzone Memory Error 13-71

Warzone Memory Error 13-71

After the recent 1.20 patch, some Call of Duty Warzone players have seen an old error pop back up on the Xbox One. The Warzone Memory Error 13-71 causes the game to crash consistently. This has reportedly been occurring in the middle of gunfights, and we have some potential fixes you can try.

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Warzone Memory Error 13 – 71

So how do we fix this error as the old workarounds no longer work? Besides waiting for Activision to hotfix the game, there is one easy fix we can attempt. Follow the steps below in order to troubleshoot this particular error.

First Go Back to the Main Menu

Hit A to start but immediately cancel and then hit GO OFFLINE

Once you are at the Offline Menu, Go back ONLINE

After going back online your game should be working. Some people have reported that you may need to attempt this process multiple times. This may seem like an odd fix, but it has actually worked for many people. Some people say they need to do it up to 10 times before the game finally connects and works.

We hope this fix works for everyone with the Warzone Memory Error 13-71 issue. The same fix does not always work for everyone, so there are other solutions you can try. Reporting this on the Activision forums is always a good option as well. More people reporting it means more incentive for them to patch the issue and fix their game.

As of now, the Memory Error can affect players on the Xbox One and PC. If you try this fix and it does not work, you can also try completely reinstalling the game. Call of Duty is currently one of the largest games in terms or file size, so it does take a while to download. For that reason, we recommend trying the fix above before you resort to reinstalling.

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